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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Stockton Commercial Fire Damage

Fire Damage was experienced by this big box grocery store in Stockton overnight. Fire Department crews did an outstanding job of containing and extinguishing th... READ MORE

Heat Damaged Paint... RESTORED!

When fires happen the heat can blister the painted and varnishes surfaces of furniture and structural materials that are near the fire. Items don't have to be b... READ MORE

Home remodel after a fire

These photographs show a reconstruction project that happened following a small fire. The before picture is of the living room after the "light" soot had been c... READ MORE

Water damaged carpet replaced with hard floor

Carpet can experience damage from sun light, foot traffic, stains and water flooding. The result of foot traffic and water flooding can be a problem called dela... READ MORE

County Housing Cleaning

We were hired by county senior care & housing authorities to clean several badly soiled county housing units. Some of these jobs are a challenge to say the ... READ MORE

Water Damage at Senior Center

When a property disaster such as a fire or water damage happens in a business it can have an impact on the operation of the business. That is what could have ha... READ MORE

Mold in Bathroom Becomes Remodel

When a homeowner in Stockton California discovered they had a slow water leak caused by the plumbing equipment under their "garden tub" they investigated. The p... READ MORE

Cleaning up a grease fire.

The SERVPRO of Stockton fire and smoke damage experts can remove heavy grease splatters caused by a stove top cooking fire. The before and after picture proves ... READ MORE

Clean HVAC Ducts = Cleaner Indoor Air

Dust, dander, pollen, mold spores, dust mite debris and other pollutants can be found floating in indoor air. The EPA warns us that indoor air can become more p... READ MORE

An 1890 Stockton Building Facelift

Soda blasting was used to remove the mold from this historic building in Stockton's historic downtown district. The building has undergone a transformation in r... READ MORE

Hoarder Kitchen Transformed

Hoarding is a mental illness that often leads to dangerous, even life threatening conditions for the hoarder and their neighbors. Hoarding of piles of debris pr... READ MORE

Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural stone, especially slate is subject to damage from water. Extreme temperature change can crack the stone and cause top layers to sluff off. Cleaning and... READ MORE

Ice Storm

SERVPRO of Stockton technicians traveled to Kentucky and Georgia to perform ice storm remediation. Being based in Stockton, we have performed a little bit of fr... READ MORE

Toxic Black Mold

We hear a great deal about "toxic black mold". Most mold is black in color, yet only a few of these molds turn out to be the toxic variety known by its scienti... READ MORE

Tile Repair and Cleaning

SERVPRO of Stockton is able to provide tile restoration, grout cleaning and tile sealing/re-finishing. We provide this service for both commercial and residenti... READ MORE

Business Interruption Solution

When a property disaster strikes an office or any type of business, an added concern becomes lost income. Some restoration companies such as SERVPRO of Stockton... READ MORE

Drying a flooded office

For many years, SERVPRO has been well known as a specialty restoration contractor that works as an approved vendor of major insurance companies with a specialty... READ MORE

Stove top fire

When a fire happens in a kitchen we tend to think about the damage that is caused by the flames and the smoke. Fire can burn and char cabinets, and the smoke ca... READ MORE

Basement flooding

Heavy rain storms can bring substanial flooding to communities. Homes and commercial buildings with basements and crawlspaces often suffer the most damage. Over... READ MORE

Rain Storm Causes Plumbing Backups.

Areas of the country that have earthquake activity suffer from cracked "soil pipes". A soil pipe is a plumbing term to describe the pipe that carries waste wate... READ MORE

"Flood Cuts."

During a recent rain storm event, ground water flowed through this building. Our IICRC certified water crew removed the debris and they removed sections of the ... READ MORE

Flooded warehouse in Stockton

Storm damage left this Stockton warehouse flooded. Torrential rains hit hard and fast. SERVPRO was called in to provide emergency water cleanup. The warehouse w... READ MORE

Fire & Smoke Damage in a Stockton Kitchen

The number one room in the Stockton home for a fire is the kitchen. This time, a frying pan was left unattended for just a minute. The flash fire spewed greasy ... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Stockton Commercial Location

The Flood Damage shown in this Stockton warehouse/office photo is a small sample of the severe volume of water that was deposited by a storm into this 10,000 sq... READ MORE

Kitchen Ceiling Repairs

Water Damage in this Stockton home appeared to be minor when the ceiling began to drip. Wisely, the homeowner called SERVPRO to assess the damage. We used moist... READ MORE

Mold remediation for Condominium

There are situations when mold becomes a serious problem in the indoor environment. When building materials become wetted and stay wet for extended periods of t... READ MORE

A Striking Example of Mold Remediation

One of the most common portions of a home to have a mold problem are bedroom closets. Once the humidity level elevates in a closet, it's dark and still air cont... READ MORE

Fire AND Water

When a fire happens it is often extinguished with water. That means that the damage site becomes a water AND fire cleanup project. That was the case in this com... READ MORE

Heavy Damage Caused by Burst Pipe

Big damage caused by a small pipe... the clean water supply line to the toilet in the master bedroom burst while the family was away on vacation in Hawaii. The ... READ MORE

Water Ruins this Floor

Real hardwood flooring can usually be salvaged when it becomes wet or flooded. However, manufactured or engineered flooring can not usually be saved when it bec... READ MORE

Mold Remediation: Duct Before / After

After a flood or mold causing event, one of the primary concerns should be a quick restoration. Unfortunately, mold can start to grow, even in the Heating, Vent... READ MORE

USS HORNET Deck Cleaning

Our team members from SERVPRO of Stockton, working in conjunction with our San Francisco Bay Area franchises, pressured washed the deck of the USS Hornet. Thus ... READ MORE

Fire in local Warehouse

Fire damage at this Stockton warehouse left water damage and smoke damage behind. It didn’t take much time to clean up the water, but the soot damage and ... READ MORE