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Some Ways to Avoid Commercial Flood Damage Complications in Stockton

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Some Ways to Avoid Commercial Flood Damage Complications in Stockton Flooding in your warehouse can wreak havoc on the items stored or manufactured there. Contact SERVPRO when flood damage affects your business.

Remediating Commercial Flood Damage in Stockton Businesses

Now that we finally have the rain needed all summer, many Stockton business owners have to deal with the flooding it brings with it. The right restoration service can keep the property, and inventory loss to a minimum, and owners can reopen their doors to customers as quickly as possible.
Commercial flood damage to a Stockton business can be particularly expensive when there is a large amount of equipment used on a daily basis. SERVPRO technicians understand that with a light industry facility like a bakery, there is little damage to the structure, but the equipment cannot be used until it is completely dry and inspected for cleanliness.
When the floodwater first comes rushing in, it splashes everywhere. Since this is outside water, it contains soil and other contaminants. When there is any possibility that floodwater got into an oven or another piece of equipment, our technicians start by spraying every surface with an anti-bacterial agent to eliminate the risk of contamination. Next, they thoroughly clean the inside and then allow the interior to air dry. If the equipment is needed immediately, they use an air mover to force warm, dry air inside and speed up the process.
As SERVPRO technicians dry the interior, others examine the undersides. While the visible exteriors and cooking surfaces are stainless steel, the bottoms are often made from cheaper metals. In addition to spraying them with the same anti-bacterial cleaner, our technicians also examine the surfaces for any sign of rust. If they find any, they use a wire brush to scrape everything clean.
In a warehouse operation, there is little damage to the building, but the standing water still has to be removed quickly to reduce the threat of mold growth. Since the water usually drains quickly, crew members push out the remaining amounts with long-handled squeegees and push-brooms. Next, they spray the entire floor with an anti-bacterial cleaner and then wash the floor clean. To speed up drying, they use a combination of exhaust fans to draw out the damp, interior air, and air movers to force warm air across the floor.
At SERVPRO of Stockton, our goal is to help businesses reopen as quickly as possible. If you are dealing with the results of the current rainstorms, call us today at (209) 477-3090 to schedule an appointment.

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Stockton Homeowners Love SERVPRO Water Loss Services for Many Reasons

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Stockton Homeowners Love SERVPRO Water Loss Services for Many Reasons Stockton Property Owners Breathe a Sigh of Relief When SERVPRO Arrives for a Water Loss Service

Why SERVPRO uses IICRC Certified Technicians for Water Damage in Stockton Homes

The impact of water spills can only be measured several months after the initial damage has been cleared. One of the reasons homes are so vulnerable to water is that moisture can remain undetected for several months in crawlspaces, attics or between floorboards. These moisture pockets not only weaken structures but can become hotbeds for secondary damages such as mold growth. Ensuring a positive, professional and comprehensive cleanup is not always easy for a homeowner.

The problem with water damage in Stockton properties is that the longer it is left, the more damage it causes. SERVPRO is one of few providers to guarantee a 24-hour emergency call line for homeowners who notice water damage and can organize a service in as little as four hours of notification of loss. We can make this promise because we use local technicians who live and work here every day.

No two water damage services are the same. Small details like whether the affected area is carpeted or bare floorboards can make a crucial difference. SERVPRO has technicians that hold IICRC certificates in applied structural drying (ASD) as well as carpet maintenance. These are the small differences that make us the restoration agency of choice for homeowners suffering from property damages.

In any job where water is concerned the primary effort is to remove water as quickly as possible. However, we take care to ensure no further damage is caused during this process. Carpets, for example, become up to 50% weaker when saturated with water. Using portable extraction units, we take a measured approach to drying, often running over the affected area several times to ensure we do not damage your fittings.

Once a SERVPRO technician is satisfied that all signs of moisture are removed, we can begin to take preventive measures to avoid further damage. Preventative measures could include using a moisture meter to detect saturation levels inside walls or beneath floorboards. It could also include removing carpets to ensure both sides are cleaned and applying anti-microbial treatments to prevent secondary damages.

For unrivaled training in assessment and remediation of property damages, contact SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090 to make the damage "like it never even happened.

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SERVPRO of Stockton Performs Certified Mold Testing

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Sometimes people see discolorations on walls and wonder if this is the “bad” mold. When it comes to mold people often think the worse. That’s why we say, “Mold can be an emotional subject.” Yes, mold can be an area of anxiety causing heightened concerns about the health and safety of the indoor environment and the people who live and work in that environment.

Don’t panic. There are professional and affordable inspection and testing procedures available to determine what’s going on. At SERVPRO of Stockton we’re pleased to share sensible information about the subject of mold in our thorough Mold Information Document. It describes a realistic overview about mold. It includes the inspection options and remediation treatments that are available.

A hardcopy/printed version of this document is also available by calling our office during regular business hours. Call 209-477-3090 to request your copy.

SERVPRO of Stockton also offers a free online MOLD SURVEY. After completing the survey/questionnaire you will even be provided with a ten-minute consultation by telephone (without cost or obligation). The link to this Free Mold Survey is featured in our mold information document.

As we said before, don’t panic. There is balanced information available to you and there are lasting solutions to any problem that might exist. We’re here to help.

Why it is Important to Establish Moisture Equilibrium in Your Stockton Home

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why it is Important to  Establish Moisture Equilibrium in Your Stockton Home SERVPRO uses several pieces of equipment to get the moisture content in your home 'just right.'

SERVPRO Uses Thermodynamics To Work When Drying Your Stockton Area Home

The second law of thermodynamics becomes a significant factor when removing water from your Stockton home. Thinking about this law gives us the understanding that wet goes to dry, hot goes to cold, and high pressure goes to low. When considering these actions regarding drying a building, the air itself holds less moisture than the wet materials or other contents found in your home.

When Stockton area water removal experts enter your property, we always think about this concept regarding thirst. It is our sole job to find ways of removing moisture naturally, and we use a variety of equipment to attain our goals. We realize that the drier the air is, the higher the rate at which a process known as evaporation can occur.

Hygrometers help SERVPRO technicians measure moisture content in various materials found throughout your home. Moisture content is the percentage of moisture found in materials as compared to the weight of a specific material when completely dry. In other words, a moisture rating on a hygrometer explains to the technician how much moisture exists. For example; if a piece of wood has a 10% moisture content reading, it means that 10 lbs of water are in 100 lbs of wood.

SERVPRO uses various moisture detectors and hygrometers to determine water content readings within various materials via a wood moisture equivalency scale. This scale gives us the ability to view a relative scale for measuring moisture found in non-wood materials. Since nature itself seeks equilibrium, stabilizing the relationship between relative humidity and temperature of the surrounding air helps move moisture from wet materials to dry air, effectively drying your home.

SERVPRO technicians help by resetting the equilibrium moisture content (EMC) of an affected area, returning materials to their natural state. With this knowledge, our technicians have a better chance of restoring the furniture, flooring, and other contents found in your home after an emergency water situation occurs.

Contact SERVPRO of Stockton for additional information or to schedule your home’s initial inspection, today. Our IICRC industry certified technicians are available 24/7, 365, to provide you with water removal and restoration services to make any incident, “Like it never even happened.” (209) 477-3090.

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Another SERVPRO of Stockton Holiday Food Bank Drive

11/7/2018 (Permalink)

Community Another SERVPRO of Stockton Holiday Food Bank Drive SERVPRO Sponsors Stockton Area Food Bank and Toy Drives Every Year

San Joaquin Emergency Food Bank Drive

We are proud to sponsor multiple food and toy drives each year to contribute to the betterment of our neighbors in the Stockton area.

This Photo depicts our Office Manager Tammy standing by Alberto our SMR Sales & Marketing Rep. In the foreground is Lisa our Business Development Rep, and we are all smiling because of the opportunity to provide donated food to those in need. The Laguna Park Apartments in Stockton was kind enough to offer their venue for this worthy event. The smiling faces of the kids by our Big Green Box tells the story better than we can. Please contact us at (209) 477-3090, and we can pick up your donation and place them with the boxes and cans of food here.

We can all stand tall as SERVPRO of Stockton helps the San Joaquin Emergency Food Bank replenish their stores.

How SERVPRO Remediates Storm Water Damage in Your Stockton Home

11/6/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How SERVPRO Remediates Storm Water Damage in Your Stockton Home Stormwater `creates a lot of damage to your home. Contact SERVPRO to remove the water and restore your home.

How to Handle Storm Damage in Stockton Properly

Even with predicting storms, it is not easy to avoid the damaged they cause to Stockton homes. Usually, the only solution is to prepare for the cleanup and restoration necessary after the incident. Working with an IICRC certified restoration company helps because they utilize the best techniques and equipment to restore your property.  

In cases of storm damage in Stockton, being quick to start the restoration process is essential. The longer the initial damage caused by the storm remains unaddressed, the more secondary damage happens. Our SERVPRO technicians help in this case by boarding up the property or placing roof tarps in case it was blown off, or holes punched through by falling tree branches. Doing this ensures that weather elements such as rain do not cause additional damages. This step is significant considering insurance companies require homeowners to prevent secondary damage to their property.  

Away from structural damage, storms dump water filled with contaminants into the affected property. Common contaminants include silt, sewage, chemicals, and oil fuel among others. The level of contaminants depends on what is in the surrounding areas or where the water originates. Our SERVPRO crews help clean up these wastes left by the storm in your property “Like it never even happened.” We can pressure wash affected areas to remove soiling and debris from non-porous surfaces like wood and concrete and in the case of silt, we have shovels. The goal in our cleaning efforts is to attain sanitary levels.  

One of the long-term effects of storm damage is moisture problems. Our SERVPRO team can help you dry your structure to normal levels. ASD, Applied Structural Drying certification means our crew utilizes the most effective techniques when drying the structure. Depending on the situation, we can use an open or closed drying system. The former involves opening up windows and other access points, then using air movers to drive moisture-filled air from the structure. In a closed system, we create an exclusion zone using plastic sheets then use dehumidifiers and air movers to remove excess moisture.  

The damage left by a storm can leave you disheartened. Working with a professional restorer like SERVPRO of Stockton can help. You can reach us at (209) 477-3090 any day. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Hole in Your Stockton Roof!! Call SERVPRO to Mitigate the Damage from Storm Water

10/30/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Hole in Your Stockton Roof!! Call SERVPRO to Mitigate the Damage from Storm Water Unwelcome Trees in Your Stockton Property Roof? SERVPRO Responds Swiftly After a Storm

Flood Damage Problems in Stockton from Storm Damaged Roofs

When a storm comes into the Stockton area, damage to your roof is relatively common. Once a hole in your roof gets large enough, extensive flood damage can result. During a rainstorm, many elements such as wind or even hail can arise that can ruin your roof shingles. Wind can blow rocks or other objects into your home and create holes in your roof or exterior walls that rainwater can enter. Once water starts entering the interior of your home, flood damage can occur from the top of your house to the bottom.

As soon as moisture enters your home from the outside, multiple issues can quickly arise. The best thing to do is to immediately call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO to mitigate the flood damage inside your Stockton home. Water coming from the outside is considered black water and may be contaminated with harmful bacteria. Rainwater can also bring in microbes from the outside increasing the chance of microbial growth, no one wants molds growing in their attics.
In many cases, the first place that retains moisture after your roof leaks, is your attic. Elevated moisture levels inside your attic can ruin building materials if the area does not get dried out promptly. If the insulation inside the attic gets wet, the moisture can decrease the R-value of the material. Some types of insulation can get dry when wet, whereas other kinds must be removed.
After removing wet insulation, our SERVPRO team can then dry out the wet ceiling materials and roof trusses. To do this we often create a containment chamber to better control the environment in the affected area and to prevent harmful particles from entering the rest of the house. We then set up heated air movers to create a circular air movement inside the area. In addition to the air movers, we also set up dehumidifiers that remove moisture from the air. Once building materials are dry, we treat the attic with anti-microbial chemicals and sometimes spray the trusses with a specialized sealant paint to inhibit fungal growth.

If you ever have a problem inside your attic after a storm, call SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090 seven days a week.

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Could You be Making a Mistake Where Humidity and Mold in Your Lincoln Village Home are Concerned?

10/28/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Could You be Making a Mistake Where Humidity and Mold in Your Lincoln Village Home are Concerned? Mold can spread very quickly when you least expect it. Stay vigilant and contact team SERVPRO should you see mold in your home.

Leaky Pipes Not Necessary for a Residence to Sustain Mold Damage in Lincoln Village

Many residences today have built-in features to cut down on wasted energy. Several homes in Lincoln Village often have air-tight seals that prevent the loss of climate-controlled air in the exterior from escaping to the outside, and vice-versa. These homes can succumb to other situations because of their construction.
The regular activities that residents engage in during the typical day can lead to mold damage in Lincoln Village. Microbes can start affecting the home's interior as soon as water vapor levels rise. Activities that produce water vapor in large quantities include showering, cooking, and even breathing.
Typically, these activities cause no severe effects but when inside a tightly constructed home, the water vapor remains inside. Even though microbes cannot enter as easily in this type of home as they can in another one, they still exist on clothing worn outside, shoes, food, and other objects carried inside.
SERVPRO remediates mold damage wherever we locate its presence. We look for it with our moisture detectors, as mold and mildew become more active in such locations. Once found, we go to work getting it out of your house.
The remediation process can require the cutting apart and removal of damaged materials. We always try to minimize this to keep costs low and also to keep the project from taking any longer than it absolutely must. Our goal is to work as rapidly as we can while still finding all of the damaged areas and getting them fully remediated.
Professional cleaning of personal belongings and other household contents needing attention due to mold damage is another service we provide at SERVPRO. If space permits, we can do this on-site. If we need more space than your home allows for the set-up of our equipment, we can box these items up and do the work at our secure location. We always treat your possession with the care they deserve, as well as give you a detailed inventory of each box. We continually update these lists as we perform the cleaning and restoration work, so you never have to guess about a specific item's location.
To prevent mold damage in the future, we recommend a heavy duty but low-maintenance dehumidifier for your home. Preventing the moisture and condensation accumulating again can keep explosive growth under control. Call SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090 to find out how we can help you keep your home in pristine condition.
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Cleaning Secondary Damage to Your Stockton Home After a Fire Requires Professional Remediation

10/8/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cleaning Secondary Damage to Your Stockton Home After a Fire Requires Professional Remediation SERVPRO can remove the soot and smoke damage from a fire and water damage from extinguishing the fire..

Secondary Effects of a Fire in Your Stockton Home

Some disasters leave their mark on your Stockton home that takes an extended period to recover from and move forward. Natural disasters are often situations like this, affecting many houses throughout the area at once and requiring the expertise of trained professionals to remedy. Another situation that requires this same level of experience and specialized equipment is recovering from a fire in your house.

Regardless of how this situation could have originated in your Stockton home, restoring the fire damages is never as straightforward as you might believe. For example, the primary effects that you experience such as the loss of contents in your home and the structural concerns present once the fire gets extinguished are only the beginning to the effects that restorers have to overcome to return your house to preloss conditions. Our SERVPRO professionals have the training and techniques to overcome all of these effects that threaten your home, but it could benefit you to understand the widespread nature of fire damages.

One of the first things that you have to contend with once a fire gets extinguished within your home is the means by which it got extinguished. A secondary effect that many people do not typically bring to mind when restoring the damage of a fire is the amount of water used from nearby hydrants or pump trucks to extinguish the flames. This pooling water inside of your home can itself weaken the structure, or even lead to worsening conditions such as mold growth.

Smoke damage is another effect that is often deemed to be secondary. Some time after the fire has gotten extinguished and any potential hazards assessed, smoke damage remains as often little more than a persistent harsh odor that spreads throughout the affected areas and the contents within them. Deodorization techniques such as thermal fogging can remove this, but it is often one of the final steps in our restoration process.

While contending with fire by itself can prove problematic for a homeowner, trying to sort out the steps to recover from the damage can seem impossible. Our SERVPRO of Stockton restoration technicians have the expertise and the equipment to bring your home back to its original condition quickly. Give us a call whenever disasters strike at (209) 477-3090.

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Ultimate Solution to Saving Your Stockton Furniture After Commercial Water Damage

9/30/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Ultimate Solution to Saving Your Stockton Furniture  After Commercial Water Damage When the workplace, various tools and associated projects suffer from water damage, contact SERVPRO for remediation and to clean your production area.

How to Save Furniture When Restoring Commercial Water Damage in Stockton

A flooded Stockton workplace presents various challenges. In a bid to extract the water and get back to business, it is possible to overlook some aspects. Unfortunately, such aspects might end up inflating restoration costs. Poorly handled restoration leads to loss of salvageable furniture, and since most of these items are expensive to replace, you end up with an inflated budget that could have been avoided. Our professional restoration services can help you save more of these affected items.
In the restoration of commercial water damage in Stockton, having to deal with different types of furniture presents various challenges. For instance, apart from dirt and rusting, no other water damage is likely to occur on metallic items. However, other damages can occur when moving the items from the affected areas. If a massive filing cabinet drops during such movement, its drawers might jam thus interfering with future operability. Our SERVPRO team can handle any necessary movements safely because we have sufficient workforce and experience.
The damage in wooden items is usually severe unlike in other materials. If left to absorb a lot of water, the wood can develop a wide range of problems. If rot develops, it compromises the structural integrity of the item. Mold might also develop on the item. Finally, any dirt in the water accumulates on the surfaces of the items. For proper restoration, our SERVPRO technicians first spray water from a powerful hose to remove dirt. We also use professional cleaning solutions to deal with traces of white mildew.
Proper drying is critical otherwise, restoration efforts might not bear fruit. If wooden items are put out in the sun to dry, it is likely to cause warping or cracking. Our SERVPRO technicians dry your furniture items indoors and use air movers to speed up drying. In case there are no dry areas within your property where items can be dried, we can move out the items to an offsite facility for proper drying.
For better salvaging of affected furniture items, call SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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