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We Are Ready To Tackle Your Stockton Flood Damage 24/7

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

One of our box trucks outside a home for a pack out One of our SERVPRO box trucks parked and ready for our team to perform a content pack-out so this home can be effectively dried and return to normal.

How SERVPRO Technicians Turn Around Flood Damage in Stockton Homes

Northern California is known for its excellent year-round weather; however, flood damage happens most often when sudden, intense storms crop up in the area.

When a Stockton home receives flood damage, the technicians arrive quickly to begin water extraction and cleanup efforts. It is not uncommon for floodwater to bring in foul odors, debris, sludge and other factors compounding the cleanup.


The technicians have a diverse array of equipment to tackle any problem the flood damage in the home presents. Along with their knowledge for restoration methods from all types of water damage, the technicians are also well-versed in working safely and avoiding cross-contamination during flood loss mitigation.

Safety First

Since groundwater has a rating as a class three biohazard, SERVPRO technicians wear full protective gear and test the water to determine what is in it before the clean up, so they use the appropriate bactericide or antimicrobials. In cases where only a portion of the home has damage, containment to inhibit cross-contamination is a common practice.

Controlled Demolition Speeds Restoration Efforts

Groundwater, even in small amounts, is damaging. Sheetrock wicks it rapidly and begins to buckle or warp. This requires flood damage removal and technicians remove it cleanly by cutting several inches above the waterline. The result is a far larger opening that allows more significant amounts of airflow and dries the water loss areas. Delaminated tiles also require removal and receive an inspection for cleaning potential and reuse. It is dependent on the materials used in construction and types of sealants that lend to whether or not there are restoration possibilities.

Rebuilding and Repairs Does Not Have to Be a Hassle

SERVPRO technicians understand flood loss in a home is a highly stressful event, and seeing your home under controlled demolition conditions may look hopeless. To lessen anxiety for homeowners, SERVPRO can offer restoration, repairs, and reconstruction as a one-stop service under their general contractor licenses:#937457.

SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090 is ready to handle flood damage in homes 24/7 from cleanup to rebuilding. The technicians are local and arrive quickly because We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Stockton Homeowners Call SERVPRO for Rapid Moisture Removal Post Flooding

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Vehicles and Rows of AIr Movers Outside Yes, SERVPRO Has Air Movers--Plenty of Them to Dry Out Flood-Damaged Properties in Stockton

Four Types Of Air Movers Used During Flood Water Removal In Stockton

Whenever moisture makes its way into your Stockton dwelling, it is smart to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO because we can implement methods to remove moisture rapidly, before secondary damage occurs. Even during small flood water removal projects, the presence of moisture can ruin your building materials and contents as well as create prime conditions for mold to grow. Whenever anything inside your house gets wet, structural drying is vital.

When drying out your structure as a part of your Stockton flood water removal project, we change the environment in ways that speed up the natural evaporation and drying process. We alter the atmosphere inside your building by setting up air movers and dehumidifiers. The air movers keep air circulating so that water can continue evaporating from wet materials. The dehumidifiers then lower the humidity levels in the affected area.

Creating air circulation in the affected region our SERVPRO crew is drying helps the wet air next to damp surfaces get pushed away so that evaporation does not slow down due to saturated air. Depending on the situation, we can use the following four different types of air movers when conducting rapid structural drying.

1. Centrifugal Air Movers
Centrifugal air movers consist of a moving part called an impeller that consists of a shaft with blades attached to it. The impeller rotates, and the blades pull air in from the side of the unit and then push it out the exhaust outlet. We can direct strategic air currents with these devices.

2. Axial Air Movers
Axial air movers can move larger volumes of air compared to centrifugal air movers. Axial units can cover larger areas because it pulls a larger volume of air at a lower pressure. These are industrial grade box fans.

3. Structural Cavity Drying Equipment
These injection dryers can be used to push air into wall cavities to dry out the studs and the back of the drywall material. The units consist of a motor that pumps air into a series of tubes that get stuck into holes drilled into the walls of the affected areas. The injectidry system is very effective.

4. Air Filtration Devices and Air Scrubbers
An air filtration device can move air and filter it at the same time. Multiple filters can be used in these machines, including high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that can trap harmful particles such as bacteria or mold spores.

Calling us to help you with your mitigation project can ensure that your house can be returned to preloss conditions, "Like it never even happened." For immediate assistance, call SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090 24/7.

Fast Water Cleanup Can Save Your Lincoln Village Home

9/20/2019 (Permalink)

Mold on the walls and baseboard trim in basement from water leaking Within 48 hours, mold can establish and begin growing.

Water Cleanup Lincoln Village – Don't Delay, Avoid Mold Growth

When you notice a musty smell, it is probably too late. The growth of mold has already started. As long as damp or wet conditions remain, the mold is going to get worse. If you have a leak from a broken pipe, a leaky window, or even an overflowing sink, act quickly to reduce the opportunity for mold to establish a colony.

SERVPRO has seen many delayed water cleanup situations in Lincoln Village and surrounding areas. The owner had what was deemed to be a small water leak, wiped up the excess water and did not give it another thought. The owners did not realize that the moisture had spread to the walls and the floor underneath. Conditions were perfect for mold to grow. Moist, dark and warm.

Without proper drying, it was not long before mold spores had settled in and began spreading. Within 48 hours, mold can establish and begin growing.

Can You Eliminate Mold
Unfortunately, there is mold everywhere. Mold spores are wafting in the air around us. As soon as mold spores find a dark, moist, warm location the spores can multiply. SERVPRO can investigate your water leak, clean up the excess water, and dry the structure as well as the walls and flooring. Maintaining a humidity level at 45% or lower can usually limit mold growth. By acting quickly, removing water and drying the affected area, the cost to restore your home or office can be much less.

Removing Existing Mold
Difficult situations may require the removal of carpets, flooring, walls, and even structural elements. They are damaged due to long term exposure to damp conditions. SERVPRO can provide advice regarding the removal and restoration of these areas.

We protect other areas of the building by using negative pressure techniques. All materials are removed and disposed of before final drying and reconstruction. We are licensed to provide restoration services for full structural damage repair and rebuild.

Call SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090 for 24/7 serve. We serve the towns of Ortega and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Deal With Storm Damage in Your Lincoln Village Residence Through Prompt Restoration

9/13/2019 (Permalink)

Large tree laying on a home. SERVPRO knows what to do when it comes to your Lincoln Village Storm damage.

Storm damage in your Lincoln Village home is no joke, we will help you.

Storms bring about the worst weather conditions, including strong winds, torrential downpour, and the sounds and sights of thunder and lightning. Strong winds can bring items like branches and debris crashing into your home, which can lead to structural damage like busted doors, broken windows, and cracked walls. Rainwater can also enter your living spaces, causing indoor flooding.

Once the storm is over, your home can be soggy and damaged, and your possessions could be heavily drenched. You, therefore, need to deal with the flood damage in your Lincoln Village residence to make it inhabitable again. Prompt restoration can prevent the long term effects of flooding, such as:

Mold growth -

Mold spores can grow into colonies quickly after they are exposed to water. They can grow in damp materials after 24 to 48 hours. Mold can cause health issues to the occupants of a home and a strong, musty scent.

Fungal decay in timber -

Wood is prone to attacks from fungi. Ventilation and drying to wooden structures helps prevent fungi outbreaks.

Damp staining -

Floodwater may transport minerals in solution while moving through a building. The minerals can then get deposited on the floor and wall finishes, remaining there after the water evaporates.

To restore your home after a flooding incident, you need the right equipment, protective gear, and know the appropriate way to clean up, dry and sanitize the property. Therefore, it is advisable to entrust the restoration work to SERVPRO franchise professionals. Once we arrive at your home, we can inspect the destruction we are dealing with and provide you with an estimate. After that, we can proceed with the restoration process.

We remove scattered debris immediately to make it easier to assess and work on your home further. If there is standing water in your home, we can drain it out using portable or truck-mounted pumps. At times, our technicians use disinfectants like phenols, quaternaries, alcohols, formaldehydes, and chlorines to sanitize contaminated water before pumping it out.

We are cautious when pumping out high levels of water from crawl spaces and basements because the highly saturated soil adjacent to walls and foundations could collapse as a result of hydrostatic pressure. We dispose of the extracted water in a sanitary sewer system or at appropriately licensed disposal facilities.

Our SERVPRO technicians also dry a home effectively using air movers and dehumidifiers. After the restoration process, we perform a final inspection to ensure that you are happy with the result. Through the final inspection, we can know if we have missed anything important and confirm that your property is safe and secure. At your request, a third party such as an indoor environmental professional (IEP) may also come in and test the indoor environment to ensure that your home is safe for occupancy.

When you need flood damage restoration services in Ortega, Lincoln Village, and neighboring areas, contact SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090 for help. We have the expertise to make the damage seem, “Like it never even happened.”

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Prevent Further Fire Damage From Striking Your Stockton Home With SERVPRO 

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

Burnt kitchen table and chairs. With fruit bowl in middle. If a fire occurs in your Stockton home call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Reducing Smoke Odors in Your Stockton Home

There are many instances in which the smell after a fire is much worse than the other effects in a Stockton home. With a fast response from first responders or fire suppression efforts by the homeowner, small blazes can get contained to a single room in many cases. What does not get contained, however, is the spread of the smoke and charring odors that accompany the disaster. Addressing these smoke odors can prove challenging without the right products and machines, and our SERVPRO professionals have a deep inventory of deodorization tools to help.

Fire damage in Stockton homes is something that many property owners have left to the expertise and the experience of professional restorers. Even with secondary effects like the smell of smoke, we have advanced techniques that can address these concerns right away. The faster that we can reduce or eliminate lingering odors in your property, the fewer materials get affected by the spread of these effects. 

One of the standard tools used in the battle against lingering smoke odor is the thermal fogger. Because high heat scenarios can lead to a higher porosity in exposed materials, odor molecules can penetrate materials and contents more easily during a fire. Once the fire gets extinguished, and the materials begin to cool back down, these pores shrink and trap the odors inside. Thermal fogging produces that same expansion effect with heat and pressure, exposing these same materials and contents to a concentrated blast of our neutralizing compound.

Because of its dense chemical fog emission, this approach can penetrate soft materials like upholstery, clothing, and carpeting as well as addressing open areas. These units cannot address as broad of an area as some of the other deodorization and air purification equipment that our SERVPRO team uses, however, so we carefully choose the ideal times and places to use the thermal fogging units. For larger open areas, it is often more efficient to use ozone machines or hydroxyl generators with a broader range.

Deodorization is one of the most substantial challenges that our SERVPRO of Stockton faces after any fire loss incident. Even with smaller emergencies that can get contained to a specific area of your house, odor removal is a common staple to making fire loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” You can count on our team to help however you need by calling (209) 477-3090.

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Let the Specialists Handle Fire Damage Remediation For Your Stockton Business

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Kitchen fires can occur quickly and get out of control. Call the remediation specialists at SERVPRO to get a handle on your Stockton business.

Commercial Fire Damage Specialists In Stockton Talk About Basic Cleaning Principles

Kitchen blazes are one of the most common types of insurance claims in the Stockton area. This means that it is possible that someday your bakery could suffer from commercial fire damage. Once an inferno starts, it can cause a variety of different problems. The heat and flames can torch your building materials and contents, and the smoke coming from the burnt materials can create other issues.

Our SERVPRO fire and smoke restoration technicians or FSTs know that a significant portion of projects involves the cleaning of soot residues and other soils created by smoke. During any commercial fire damage situation in Stockton, we can use many different tools and techniques to remove soot from the surfaces of your building materials, contents, and structural components. Cleaning items coated in soot residue is much more cost-effective than having to replace the item. 

When removing soot residues and soils, our SERVPRO FSTs utilize several industrial cleaning principles. The first step is to locate all of the smoke residues by carefully inspecting the affected area. We then identify the different types of residues found in your house. We then figure out the type of surfaces that got affected. The methods we use to clean items in your building will vary depending on the types of surfaces and soot residues present.

Once we know what methods will work best, we capture and remove the residues. The soils created by the smoke bond to the surfaces they contact. We use dry and wet cleaning processes to release and carry residue particles away from the affected surfaces. We then dispose of the debris and the cleaning waste.

When cleaning, there are a few fundamental elements that must be involved. First off, the temperature of the surface plays a major role in how easy something can be cleaned. Heat can increase the speed of chemical reactions in most cleaning products.

For most soils to get released, some form of agitation must occur. Our FSTs use towels, brushes, or air and water pressure to help dislodge residues. Soils also get released by chemical reactions taking place. Cleaning detergents chemically react with the soil molecules to make them less adhesive.

If you ever have a fire start inside your bakery in Ortega or Lincoln Village, call SERVPRO of  Stockton at (209) 477-3090 because we can arrive Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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How to Choose the Correct Water Extraction Equipment for Floodwater Removal in Stockton Homes

8/8/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Stockton is available 24/7 and has the equipment on standby to dry your home.

Choosing the Right Extraction Tools for Stockton Homes 

You might not have the experience amid a crisis to determine the best piece of equipment to use and the ideal approach for extraction and drying your Stockton home. Flooding can spread quickly throughout your property, leaving homeowners with little time to decide their next course of action.  Preparing early for these potential scenarios can save you time, money, and stress. Adequate preparation for potential flooding begins with understanding the best tools for specific recovery steps like extraction. 

Flood water removal takes advanced equipment. Flood removal for your Stockton home might seem to be a simple approach, but there are many layers to this water removal that can become even more complicated without the right tools and know-how. Our SERVPRO professionals have a deep inventory of the industry’s top-tier equipment, technology, and products.  We offer our customers a thoroughly efficient and cost-effective approach with every flood recovery project we undertake. 

Ultimately, much like our SERVPRO team, there are several ideal pieces of equipment homeowners can use to begin removing standing water from their property: 

  • Wet/Dry Vac – This is a piece of equipment that many homeowners already own for their garage, shops, and other utility areas of their home. While these can be effective with concentrated areas of standing water, they require regular dumping of the collection tank.
  • Submersible Pump – Electric portable pumps can quickly remove volumes of standing water, and with enough lengths of hose attached, can discharge entirely outside the home or to the nearest drain in the house.
  • Gas-Powered, Engine-Driven Pumps – Much like the other options, these are available for sale at home improvement locations in the area and are ideal for high volume extractions – especially in areas where electricity has gotten temporarily disconnected. 

Always consider unintended consequences from DIY floodwater removal, which is usually Category 3 contaminated water. Why risk exposure to toxins, microorganisms, and hidden debris? Mold growth can often be a potential problem resulting in another round of cleanup. 

While you cannot fully predict when flooding scenarios can occur in your home, you can do whatever is necessary to prepare for these situations. Extraction and drying are vital components to recovering property, and our SERVPRO of Stockton team can help you, however, you need. Give us a call anytime to make flood loss events “Like it never even happened.” at (209) 477-3090. 

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Why Stockton Homeowners Need SERVPRO to Remediate Disaster Property Damage

7/31/2019 (Permalink)

Storms, fire, water, and mold. SERVPRO of Stockton is your natural disaster recovery team.

SERVPRO’s Fast Restoration Services for Stockton Homes 

We have sought out every single way to be a valuable asset to the Greater Stockton area, which goes far beyond our ability to handle disasters like fire, water, storm, and mold loss situations. This same mentality has helped us gain the prestige of becoming one of the Top 100 SERVPRO franchises in the country, and this has been an attractive quality to the top-tier restoration technician talent in the region to help continue to improve our reputation and regard in the communities we serve. 

Fire Damage

We live in an area prone to wildfires, and as such, we have had to focus the training of fire damage recovery in Stockton to smoke damage cleanup and removal as well. Smoke is one of the most detrimental effects, especially in a wildfire, and can substantially compromise the interior and exterior of properties that otherwise suffer no symptoms. We have sophisticated equipment that can address both residues and odors that smoke damage can cause to a house. 

We have a skilled content management team that can work quickly against the damage timetable when fires impact Stockton properties. Not only must our professionals earmark items that require relocation to our facility for focused attention and cleanup, but these same contents must also get labeled and cataloged meticulously to prevent any delay in returning them once the items have gotten cleaned, deodorized, and dried. We have specialized equipment for recovery in our facility like ultrasonic cleaning tanks that work to improve the look and function of soot-damaged possessions. 

With one of our owners being a Master Restorer through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), all of the work that happens through our SERVPRO team gets overseen by a competent and well-educated recovery professional. No matter when or how fire affects your Stockton home, our specialists can be there quickly to help. 

Storm Damage

Storms can cause such substantial damage to structures throughout Stockton with little warning. We have a 24-hour staffed emergency line to put our customers directly in contact with members of our SERVPRO team. This immediate contact reduces delay and gets our professionals mobilized more quickly to get out and help during damaging weather conditions common to our areas like flooding, mudslides, and even wildfires. 

In California alone, billions in damages occur every year on account of storms, and Stockton maintains a fair share of this statistic. When minutes count, you need a team of professionals that know how to handle flooding and other detrimental circumstances within your house, while they can simultaneously install temporary construction solutions to prevent the situation from getting worse. Our professionals can do just that for the entire state of California and have even been sought out in national disasters occurring in Kentucky, Colorado, and New York. 

Even more than recovering your property and your belongings during a disaster, we know that storm damage recovery in Stockton is equally about helping our customers through the trying and traumatic experience. We arrive with portable power solutions for homes that have lost electricity. We have also helped families find their footing after a storm by getting temporary housing while restoration work gets underway, and more. 

Water Damage

We are committed to helping all of the residents and business owners in Stockton save money and time when they need restoration work after a water loss incident. We are so committed to helping that we host “Lunch n’ Learn” events which occur both at Eddie’s Pizza in Stockton and our cleaning facility. These quick courses offer fast and practical tips which stress the importance of preventative measures and damage control in a crisis. 

Our SERVPRO team originally got built on the back of a successful water damage restoration company servicing the Stockton area and founded by one of our co-owners, Roy Drake. This experience in the industry helped our crew to grow and excel in recovery and restoration efforts. We appreciate every available tool, device, and product that makes extraction and drying efforts occur most efficiently. 

We do not measure a job based on its size, as we have the resources and the roster to handle water damage in Stockton properties regardless of their severity. We have helped to overcome damage to substantial commercial structures like the Stockton Unified School District but also been equally instrumental in helping homes battling water loss as well. 

Mold Remediation

Mold can be a dangerous situation that many Stockton homes and businesses, unfortunately, must contend with over the years. Fluctuations in the relative humidity levels, and to the length of time it takes to mitigate and dry water damage and flood loss scenarios successfully, allow mold spores to seat and thrive into host materials within an affected area. Many property owners suspect its presence by a musty odor or discolored materials in damp areas. Our SERVPRO professionals can then test the environment and confirm the concentration of mold when lab analysis returns. 

Mold remediation is a multi-faceted restoration service that our technicians provide Stockton properties, which often begins with containment. Confining the spores prevents them from accessing new areas of the house while our professionals are getting to work on cleaning contaminated structures. This containment involves both the use of physical plastic sheeting and zipper lock chambers in conjunction with the use of air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators. 

We offer a full-service reconstruction for mold damage in Stockton homes and businesses as well when remediation efforts demand the removal of overly compromised structural elements and construction materials. We have experienced professionals that can utilize controlled demolition to ensure that installation goes smoothly and more efficiently to save you time and money. 

We know how valuable a fast and confident response is to any emergency that threatens your home or business in our area. As a top-tier franchise, we have technicians available 24/7 to help – se habla español. No matter what disasters come to your doorstep, our SERVPRO of Stockton team can make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (209) 477-3090.

How to Serve Coffee and Not Water Damage in Your Stockton Coffee Shop

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Your customers rely on you for their morning cup of joe. Keep your doors open by calling SERVPRO when you experience water damage.

How Flooding Can Damage Your Stockton Coffee Shop

For as common as flooding might be in Stockton in recent years, it can still catch many businesses in the area by surprise. Even with the drive for your coffee shop to stay open amid this disaster, it comes down to the effective response and sophisticated approaches of professional restorers who can work around the positioning of the damaged areas to allow you to continue serving brews to your patrons. Being a place that serves food and beverages, you have a strict set of guidelines and rules regarding safe practices for your establishment, which can encourage you, even more, to seek out the expertise of trained professionals like our team. 

Knowing how flood damage affects Stockton coffee shops can help you to understand how important it is for you to secure the right professional technicians immediately when the flooding begins. Our SERVPRO professionals have a central location in the area, working to be available for every loss incident in a matter of hours so that no customer ever waits longer than necessary for effective mitigation, restoration, and cleanup. 

That same fast response that our SERVPRO team provides is critical in establishing containment barriers to allow your facility to run at a limited capacity potentially. It is also vital in starting drying efforts that can protect wooden tables and chairs spread throughout the main floor of the café. Between areas of carpeting and faux hardwood, different drying practices are necessary to prevent tear out and reinstallation of these materials whenever possible. 

Our technicians can appreciate a need to get the moisture out of the air as well because dampness and excessive relative humidity can wreak havoc on sophisticated machinery your baristas use to complete orders. If it is challenging or impossible to remove these devices to protect them from moisture and water damage, it puts a set timeline on getting the humidity levels back below an established baseline. 

Many patrons depend on your coffee shop every day for their morning commutes and their lunch breaks, so any time you spend with your doors closed is your business losing money. Our SERVPRO of Stockton team can help to work with you to keep the doors open through restoration, or to work around the clock to get them open again as promptly as possible. Give us a call at (209) 477-3090.

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Our Skilled Flood Damage Professionals Can Save Your Stockton Home

7/3/2019 (Permalink)

If your home has been affected by floodwater, regardless of how much or how little, call us today to restore it to its pre-flood state.

Professional Flood Damage Control In The Stockton Area

With the San Joaquin River running through it, Stockton is a town used to floods and the damage they bring almost every year. Residents understand that mitigating and eliminating the effects of the floodwater once it starts to recede takes a restoration service with years of experience, and training on the newest restoration equipment available.

To handle Stockton flood damage properly, SERVPRO Cleanup & Restoration trains every team member as a certified Water Damage Restoration Technician or WRT before they go out on a service call. Then, they can perform every task needed to draw water out of the home.

Pumping out floodwater can take many labor hours. Each WRT has access to the newest commercial-grade pumps and extraction devices to ensure they accomplish the operation quickly, and without causing secondary damage to the floors or walls. For very large homes in deep water, WRTs use truck mounted devices to continuously remove water overnight or throughout a couple of days if needed.

If the floodwater has mostly receded or is limited to one area in the home, SERVPRO technicians also have access to extractors that look much like a standard water-vac but are more powerful and adjustable in terms of vacuum and a heating element that can also be engaged to begin the drying process simultaneously. In tight areas like closets, they use a device which is worn like a backpack and can draw out 5-12 gallons depending on the size of the waste tank.

Regardless of the amount extracted, all floodwater contains some level of dirt, animal waste, and other contaminants. WRTs pump or empty all floodwater directly into the nearest sewer access point. If one is not available, technicians direct it all into a tank truck for delivery to a wastewater treatment plant for filtering and recycling.

In addition to our city, SERVPRO of Stockton also services Lincoln Village, Ortega, and other surrounding communities along the San Joaquin River. If your home has been affected by floodwater, regardless of how much or how little, call us today at (209) 477-3090 to restore it to its pre-flood state. We are here for you.

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