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Another SERVPRO of Stockton Holiday Food Bank Drive

11/7/2018 (Permalink)

Community Another SERVPRO of Stockton Holiday Food Bank Drive SERVPRO Sponsors Stockton Area Food Bank and Toy Drives Every Year

San Joaquin Emergency Food Bank Drive

We are proud to sponsor multiple food and toy drives each year to contribute to the betterment of our neighbors in the Stockton area.

This Photo depicts our Office Manager Tammy standing by Alberto our SMR Sales & Marketing Rep. In the foreground is Lisa our Business Development Rep, and we are all smiling because of the opportunity to provide donated food to those in need. The Laguna Park Apartments in Stockton was kind enough to offer their venue for this worthy event. The smiling faces of the kids by our Big Green Box tells the story better than we can. Please contact us at (209) 477-3090, and we can pick up your donation and place them with the boxes and cans of food here.

We can all stand tall as SERVPRO of Stockton helps the San Joaquin Emergency Food Bank replenish their stores.

BBQ Event at the Stockton Food Bank

8/8/2017 (Permalink)

Community BBQ Event at the Stockton Food Bank We feel a sense of satisfaction for helping with food drives.

It was a lovely day for SERVPRO at the Stockton Emergency Food Bank Donor Appreciation BBQ

We toured their facilities, which is quite organized and very impressive. The tour consisted of showing us how they store the food both perishable and non-perishable. Volunteers run the food distribution line which is so massive.

I invited Debbie Stewart from Eagle Construction to attend the event with me as they were one of many wonderful local companies who volunteered to help out SERVPRO of Stockton in our Annual Show the Love Food Drive, which is held in February each year. The attendees of the Donor Day included different organizations from Doctors to PG&E. It was a nice turnout, and I was able to talk to many of the attendees who have such great hearts.

Did you know you can call 2-1-1 for Emergency Assistance for emergency food service? I did not know this and was happy to hear this. Also, anyone can receive assistance at the Center, all you need to do is provide proof of residency, AMAZING!
Stockton Food Bank  also provided us with a Monthly Food Drive List:
January - Pasta
February - Dried Beans and Rice
March - Tuna
April - Canned veggies
May - Canned Beans
June - Peanut Butter
July - Boxed Cereal
August - Instant Mashed Potatoes 
September - Boxed Stiffing Mix
October - Turkey
November - Ham
December - Soup

SERVPRO of Stockton looks forward to our Annual Food Show the Love Food Drive in February. For the last two years that I have organized it, we have been able to contribute more and more each year. Many thanks to those who help us make it a successful food drive. If you would like to participate next year, please contact me, Lisa Fowler at (209) 477-3090. SERVPRO of Stockton is here to help our Community....   and of course to provide hugs.


7/10/2017 (Permalink)

Community United4safety2017 SERVPRO at a Public Safety Event.

SERVPRO of Stockton has a sister franchise in the San Francisco Bay Area, in San San Leandro. On Saturday, July 8, SERVPRO of Stockton participated in the fun and popular San Leandro community event put on by the San Leandro Police Department, United 4 Safety. This annual summer fair takes place outside and around the San Leandro Police Headquarters. On a beautiful Saturday morning and early afternoon, dozens of canopied booths were there to greet folks from all throughout the community, Parents, grandparents, children of all ages wound their way through the whole fair sampling the delicious food, visiting the tremendously cute shelter dogs waiting to be adopted, and of course, the SERVPRO table and tent! SERVPRO is part of the United 4 Safety fair every year and we’re part of the community, working closely with the local Police and Fire Departments to immediately step in and complete the cleanup and recovery process when a disaster happens. Whatever happens, SERVPRO is there! We are frequently out in the community participating in events like United 4 Safety, out talking with folks, supporting the local Police and Firefighters, letting everyone know we’re here to help and will step in quickly to get your life back to normal after a disaster. SERVPRO. "Like it never even happened."

Food Collection Truck

5/28/2017 (Permalink)

Community Food Collection Truck Our "Toy" Food Collection Truck

SERVPRO of Stockton created miniature wooden replicas of our box trucks for the purpose of collecting food contributions for the Greater Stockton Food Bank.

Several times each year we place these trucks (we have  fleet of eight) in our real estate, insurance agencies and other offices for the employees to make food contributions.

It's common to collect food during the Holidays for community service agencies. In working with the Stockton Food Bank we have learned that summer is a time of need for food contributions.

We also have become aware that there is always a shortage of box foods (can foods are the more common gifts.)

Be on the lookout for a food truck in your office. Or give us a call if you want to park one in your office for a few days.

Stockton, "birthplace" of SERVPRO.

4/27/2017 (Permalink)

Community Stockton, "birthplace" of SERVPRO. Clayton (left) and Roy (Center with Ted Isaacson, founder of SERVPRO Industries.

The idea of starting SERVPRO came to Ted and Doris Isaacson in 1966 while they owned and operated a Stockton cleaning franchise that was part of different franchise system. Ted and Doris and their three children, Sue, Randall and Richard lived in Stockton. The idea gave way to action.

In 1967 Ted and Doris founded SERVPRO Industries in the Sacramento area, so they would not be in violation of the no-compete clause with the former franchisor. Two years later, in 1969 Ted sold his first franchise. By the year 2,000 the SERVPRO family of independently owned and operated franchises reached 1,000 locations. In 2017 the number of operators in the United States and Canada reached 1,700. SERVPRO continues to grow and earn high rankings and positive reviews within the franchise community to this day.

In 2010 Clayton Barry and Roy Drake purchased an operating license to become SERVPRO of Stockton. Ted Isaacson met with Clayton and Roy to help pave the way for this business opportunity. 

Ted told great stories about his family and their time in Stockton. Today, his children, Sue, Randy and Rick Isaacson are the chief executives of SERVPRO Industries located in Galatin, Tennessee. 

Sadly, Ted Isaacson passed away January 20, 2017 at age 84. Clayton and Roy are pleased to have gotten to know him. They are proud to do their part to carry out his legacy, here in the City of Stockton.