Water Damage Photo Gallery

Saving an Ortega Area Hardwood Floor

Water spillage, when not removed quickly, can result in seepage into the tongue and groove joints of floorboards. This can become more problematic in crawlspace foundation homes in Ortega to remove all the moisture. SERVPRO has talented and skilled technicians that utilize industry-leading methods and devices to ensure success. Here a small improvised tent is suctioning out the residual moisture, salvaging the flooring.

Water Damage In Ortega

When water damages your carpet, you need a team of professionals like the trained and certified experts at SERVPRO. We are leaders in the restoration industry, and we will respond quickly to all water damage emergencies. SERVPRO of Stockton has the water damage experience and equipment needed to restore your carpet to pre-damage condition.

Stockton Water Damage Results

A water leak soaked this corner of a room in Stockton and damaged the drywall. The practical service was demolition and discarding the non-salvageable drywall panels. The batten insulation was dried and reinstalled along with new wall material after we sprayed an antimicrobial agent into the cavity. Count on SERVPRO to do it right!

Extraction, the first step in flood recovery

Flooded carpet! Where do you begin? You have to get the standing water out. After scoping the job and identifying the locations of flooding the first action is to vacuum out the water. We use carpet cleaning vaccuum wands such as the one in the photo, or weighted extractors that technicians stand on to squeeze even more from the rug. The goal is get the water out, set up drying fans and dehumidifiers and get it dry in three day. SERVPRO of Stockton 209-477-3090

Sheetrock Removal / controlled demolition

Removing gypsum board (sheetrock) in a controlled fashion makes it easier for our restoration crew to replace the new material after a structure has been dried. Water can certainly cause a lot of damage when it flows through a structure.

A Peek Into Our Box Truck

Perhaps you have seen SERVPRO box trucks traveling down the road? This photograph shows how we set up the interior of the box to transport water drying equipment to a water damaged location.

Removing water stains from mattress fabric.

Water damage from a fire sprinkler system leak caused water rings (stains) on this mattress  (and other textiles) which are being removed by a skilled SERVPRO technician at our shop.

Clean and Polished

Cleaning and waxing a floor after a water damage event puts the final touches on a mitigation/restoration project. It is doing the details that makes a job "Like it never even happened."

Stockton team ready for Pack Out

One of our SERVPRO of Stockton box trucks parked and ready for our team to perform a content pack-out so this home can be effectively dried and return to the way it was before the damage happened.