Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold-Damaged Wall in Stockton

The visible signs of mold damage go deeper than the surface staining shown in this Stockton bedroom. Mold remediation by our SERVPRO techs require the tear-out of the damaged drywall, lifting and inspecting the carpet and baseboard for microbial growth, and then applying an antifungal agent to protect against future infestations. We do it right, just a phone call away.

Ortega Mold Remediation Needed

The dampness from a leak caused this mold staining to occur in this Ortega home. Popcorn-surfaced ceilings required careful SERVPRO technician wipe down with proprietary cleaning agents to remove the mold patches without any controlled demolition.

Thermal Image Camera

Thermal imagery detects temperature difference in the area it is pointed at. If a military person aims the thermal image camera into a dark field, it would detect the heat signature of any person who may be in range.

In the restoration industry a thermal image camera can be used to find different heat signatures within a building structure. For example when portions of structural materials get wet they will have their own heat signature. This is a convenient way to find hidden moisture in ceilings and upper portions of walls. It saves the technician from having to climb a ladder to put a hand held moisture meter on the ceiling or wall. Even when used in easy to access locations, a thermal image camera saves time.

Classroom Mold Removed on Weekend

No classroom time was lost because SERVPRO was able to remove the mold, sand and stain this beam over the weekend. This beam and three others were made to look as good as new in two days.

Content Storage in Stockton

When a commercial or residential structure suffers damages from fire, water or even mold, SERVPRO of Stockton often packs out from the stucture and then cleans them. Once clean, the contents are safely stored in vaults in our climate controlled warehouse here in Stockton until the damaged / contaminated structure is made ready for their return.

Containment Barrier

Setting up a decon-chamber on location for mold cleanup. These plastic barriers isolate "clean" areas from contaminated areas. They also offer a measure of safety by keeping people away from the damaged portion of a room. 

Kitchen Remodel

Serious water and mold damage can cause serious damage and in this case it resulted in having to install a new kitchen. Water from above warped the original set of cabinets and counter tops. The home owner was pleased with he updated replacement.

Stockton Unified School District training

A SERVPRO of Stockton customer service representative is seen here talking to a School District custodian concerning mold and others cleaning issues. Each year SERVPRO of Stockton makes a training presentation to maintenance technicians at the Stockton Unified School District

Stockton Yacht Cleaning on the Delta

SERVPRO of Stockton has varieties of services such as professional cleaning. This includes cleaning homes, commercial properties, and yachts! Sailing and motor yachts get dirty and often times require professional cleaning. There have been many successful stories including a racing yacht that was completely soaked on the inside during The Trans-Pacific Honolulu Race due to a hatch not being securely closed. “You made my boat look and smell as good as when it was new.” SERVPRO of Stockton has plans to continue their work in yacht interior cleaning. Some of the yachts our professionals have cleaned are docked in Alameda, Berkeley, Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, Point Richmond, San Leandro and on the Delta. Mold in boats can be a real problem, but not to us. We are mold remediation professionals. Call us at 209-477-3090