Biohazard Photo Gallery

Stockton Crew

SERVPRO of Stockton certified technicians are trained in safe cleanup procedures for servicing mold, microbial contamination and bacteria cleanup. Suiting up in "Tyvek" is just one of the precautions that our employees take when working on these potentially hazardous types of projects.

Animal Biohazard in attic

Animals that make their way into an attic will make a mess. A biohazard mess. In some ways, the mess that raccoons make is easier to clean up than other critters such as rats. The reason? Raccoons set up one toilet area and their mess is concentrated to that area. Need help cleaning up the mess from unwanted animals, all SERVPRO of Stockton at 209-477-3090

Bed Bugs... what a pest.

Bed bugs are a nasty pest that affect all kinds of properties from residential to commercial. While we are not licensed to kill them we can certainly take part in the post cleanup.