Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Damage – Stockton Home

Fire damage at this Stockton home left behind a lot of soot and smoke damage along with the foul odor associated with house fires. The photo displays the soot and smoke residue that was left on most surfaces in the home. SERVPRO of Stockton is often chosen to clean up the fire damage along with cleaning the smoke damage and dealing with the odor.

Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup for Ortega

Some fires require the removal of non-salvageable walls, ceilings, trim, and flooring materials. If an Ortega property needs a cleanup, soot wipe down, and full-fledged deodorizing service using a thermal fogger, then SERVPRO is the obvious choice.

Multi-Unit Fire

Fires in apartment buildings often spread to more than one unit. Our SERVPRO of Stockton crew has been in the San Francisco Bay Area helping our sister franchise in San Francisco clean up an apartment fire scene.

Thermal Fogging

Using a thermal fogger is an effective way to deodorize because it caused de-odorizing chemicals to be able to penetrate into the tiniest seams, cracks and gaps in a structure. Its reaches the tiny areas where odors linger.

Forest Fire

The past year of El Nino rain has caused grass and tree growth in The foothills close to Stockton. SERVPRO of Stockton is ready to help with potential fires and the smoke and soot damage fallout that often takes place. Let's hope we don't have an up tick in fire this year, but if we do , we are here to help.

Ozone Machine

Ozone gas in nature serves as an air cleaning system. It attacks an oxygen molecule and causes new oxygen molecules to form (this is oxidation). This action "scrubs" the air and makes it "fresh and clean". Ozone machine play a positive role in fire and smoke cleanup.

Soot Removal

Soot removal and dust removal at the US Hornet Aircraft Carrier located in Alameda, California. Pictured is Tammy Jensen, Manager of SERVPRO of Stockton. HEPA vacuums and even an old fashioned feather duster were used to clean the museum display.

Fire Cleanup Service Team

When smoke contaminates a home, the furnishings and contents must be cleaned. Often, they need to be removed from the dwelling for cleaning and storage, then returned. This photo shows our technician returning and setting furniture and decorations in place in a freshly restored home. 

Ultrasonic Machine for Content Cleaning

Cleaning contents with soot and bacteria contamination is not an easy process. So many detailed items such as ornaments, dishes, pottery, picture frames and others household items contain so many little places for soot and debris to collect. Cleaning these items by hand is possible, but a top quality ultrasonic cleaning machine can improve the quality of the results! That's why SERVPRO of Stockton invested in an ultrasonic machine to speed and improve the cleaning process for people's valuable contents that get contaminated in sewage backups or via smoke and soot damage. Our SERVPRO of Stockton ultrasonic machine is a portable version that can be transported to a large home, or office location for cleaning on-site or used at our headquarters. High-tech equipment is available to professional cleaning companies who are serious about doing the job right. SERVPRO of Stockton is a leader in fire and water cleanup as well as restoration services in the Stockton and Oakdale areas.