Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage – Stockton Home

Water damage at this Stockton home was the result of roof damage. A leak developed that allowed rainwater to enter the attic and accumulate in the insulation on... READ MORE

New Ceiling Installed.

When an elevated water supply line broke above a suspended ceiling it sent hundreds of gallons of water into the ceiling tiles. The tiles became saturated with ... READ MORE

Water Ruins this Floor

Real hardwood flooring can usually be salvaged when it becomes wet or flooded. However, manufactured or engineered flooring can not usually be saved when it bec... READ MORE

Heavy Damage Caused by Burst Pipe

Big damage caused by a small pipe... the clean water supply line to the toilet in the master bedroom burst while the family was away on vacation in Hawaii. The ... READ MORE

Kitchen Ceiling Repairs

Water Damage in this Stockton home appeared to be minor when the ceiling began to drip. Wisely, the homeowner called SERVPRO to assess the damage. We used moist... READ MORE

Drying a flooded office

For many years, SERVPRO has been well known as a specialty restoration contractor that works as an approved vendor of major insurance companies with a specialty... READ MORE

Water damaged carpet replaced with hard floor

Carpet can experience damage from sun light, foot traffic, stains and water flooding. The result of foot traffic and water flooding can be a problem called dela... READ MORE