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Why Is Moisture Testing an Important Part of Preventing Further Mold Damage?

9/16/2020 (Permalink)

hand peeling wallpaper away from wall revealing mold on wall and back of wallpaper SERVPRO can detect hidden leaks which can lead to mold growth.

Stockton Homeowners Hoping Mold Damage Treatments Will Prevent Further Growth 

People living in Stockton know the importance of taking good care of their homes. Home upkeep makes for a better living environment, and it also boosts your house value if you decide to sell.  

Unfortunately, some home upkeep tasks seem never-ending, such as dealing with mold damage in Stockton homes. Anyone who tackles fungal growth in their home knows how easily it can grow back or appear in another part of the building.  

Why does mold come back so quickly? 

The mold you see consists of tiny tube-like cells called hyphae, which bond together to form a visible colony known as a mycelium. The mycelium releases new microscopic spores, which drift throughout your home on air currents or even carried on clothes, shoes, and pets. The spores can start a new colony anywhere that has: 

  • Moisture
  • Organic material for them to feed on
  • Darkness and the correct temperature 

What can I do to prevent new colonies from forming? 

The bad news is that you cannot wholly prevent new colonies from forming. Mold occurs in nature and can re-enter your home at any time.  

The good news is that there are steps you can take to reduce the chance of fungal regrowth. One thing you can do is minimize moisture in the area – and SERVPRO can help you with that. 

How does moisture testing help?  

You cannot see always see moisture. You might notice a tell-tale sign such as water dripping from a leaky faucet or moisture stains on the wall. However, moisture can also gather behind baseboards, behind furniture, inside walls, or under carpets. 

Moisture testing reveals wet areas that are ripe for mold growth.  

How does SERVPRO test for moisture? 

We have several pieces of equipment to hand: 

  • Moisture sensors to test carpets, padding, and the floor underneath
  • Moisture meters to measure moisture levels in various materials
  • Thermo-hygrometers to measure air temperature and humidity levels
  • Thermal imaging cameras to capture infrared images inside building materials 

Once we have a clear idea of the moisture levels, we can devise a drying scheme to reduce them and make the area less inviting to mold spores

If you suspect mold damage in your house, do not delay. Call SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090.

Stockton How Soon Should I Call a Restoration Company after a Flood?

9/1/2020 (Permalink)

interior flooded empty warehouse From Large Commercial Structures to Residential Homes in the Stockton area, Call SERVPRO for Floodwater Removal and Restoration

If your Home in Stockton Floods, You Should Call a Water Restoration Company Right Away

When homeowners think of flooding, they may imagine their Stockton homes carried away in a violent current and other houses and debris. Whereas such extreme circumstances do occur, more often than not, floodwaters enter your home in a less dramatic fashion. A broken window or a rise in water levels can invite polluted waters into your home, leaving behind microbes and undesirable residue. The only way to mitigate your loss is to call a professional team to restore your home.

In Stockton, you can delegate your flood damage restoration needs to our SERVPRO team. We serve homeowners in your area to return your life to normal as soon as possible. Safety is our primary concern, so we coordinate with local authorities as appropriate before entering your home. We also wear personal protective equipment and set up staging areas to prevent cross-contamination in your home. A 24/7 hotline call opens the door to our expertise and the best technology available in the industry.

What are the risks of floodwater in my home?

Most people think of floodwater in their homes in terms of a nuisance, but the dangers are grave. A significant volume of water can compromise your home's walls, and foundation and electrical hazards abound. Our SERVPRO crew relies on our Building and Reconstruction Services team (General Contractor License #: 937457) for advice on the integrity of your home, which helps keep everyone safe. Once we can enter your home, we concentrate on using clean water to begin the cleanup process and then extracting water, disinfecting and deodorizing your home. In the course of the process, you may see our team use items such as the following-

  • Truck-mounted pumps connected to local sewage lines
  • Dehumidifiers and air circulators for a speedier evaporation
  • Foggers to spray disinfecting solutions throughout your home

The restoration of your home after a flood is not simple. Place your trust in our team of SERVPRO of Stockton by calling us at (209) 477-3090 and let us leave your home "Like it never even happened."

Can I Repair Water Damage if it Has Been Getting Worse for a While?

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

"We can help" Let us help you get your Stockton home back in shape after water damage.

SERVPRO Handles Water Damage Repair on All Levels – Let Us Repair and Restore Your Stockton Home.

Some water incidents may go unnoticed for a while, so you may not be able to address it until the damage has already taken hold. Should you suspect hidden water damage in your home, it is best to call professionals to find the source of the leak to get you a quick fix. If you have water damage that has been festering in your Stockton home for a while, the impact may be severe. The longer the moisture sits, the higher the chance of potentially dangerous mold growth. 

As a homeowner needing water damage repair in Stockton, you should know that SERVPRO is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. There are some unavoidable water loss situations, such as those that come from flooding or excessive rain during a storm. Some kinds of water damage could be avoided simply by performing regular checks, updating appliances that utilize water, and maintaining your plumbing. 

What Should I Do in the Event of a Sudden Water Emergency?

Until our Green Fleet arrives at your door, it is vital that you try to shut off the source's water supply. What this does is help keep water from flooding the impacted space. If you are unable to locate the exact point of entry for the water, you can look into shutting off water to your home.

Additional measures that you can take would include:

  • Opening windows to the affected area
  • Ventilating the space as much as possible to keep humidity levels low
  • If possible, seal off the incident zone from other spaces in your house – this can include shutting any doors and laying down a blanket or towel at the bottom of the doorway

How is the Damage Addressed?

Calling in the help of IICRC-certified technicians ensures that all water is promptly removed so that complete drying and dehumidification can begin. We work to restore rather than replace whenever possible, which will include any impacted structural materials and your belongings and furniture. We have water restoration technicians (WRT) that carefully assess each space, ensuring that no moisture is left unattended. If necessary, we perform what is known as controlled demolition so that areas are addressed and finished off to bring the space back to preloss condition. 

Controlled Demolition to the Rescue

Suffering water damage in your home that has been left to fester never means a total loss. SERVPRO of Stockton can handle the damage and work on rebuilding the impacted area. Under General Contractor License #937457, we have the qualifications and skills to ensure your home is left "Like it never even happened."

A sampling of the rebuilding services that we can cover includes:

  • Drywall removal and installation
  • Repair of hardwood, marble, tile, and linoleum flooring
  • HVAC services
  • Insulation removal and replacement
  • Painting
  • Carpet repair and installation, and more

What Drying Methods Does SERVPRO Use?

Depending on the type of water incident, you may have water that migrated under your baseboards or behind your walls. We use techniques for advanced structural drying (ASD) with each water restoration project. Our trucks are filled with a variety of tools and equipment that allow us to execute rapid drying to achieve our goals, including:

  • Industrial fans and centrifugal air movers
  • Drying mats for properly drying a variety of flooring materials
  • Moisture sensors, moisture detection tools, and thermal imaging cameras
  • Our Injectidry system, which allows us to handle moisture behind walls and in small spaces

Is it Possible to Avoid Water Emergencies in the Future?

There are several things that Stockton homeowners like yourself can do moving forward to help limit the potential for water incidents, such as:

  • Updating appliances like dishwashers or water heaters to avoid breakdown
  • Regular inspection and maintenance 
  • Being mindful and not leaving the water running for extended periods
  • Taking notice of a sudden rise in your water bills
  • Paying attention to lowered water pressure when taking showers or washing dishes
  • Investigating any discoloration on ceilings or walls, as well as unpleasant or musty odors

It is best to remember not to panic when you have a water emergency in your home. Be careful when moving near standing water in your home to avoid slip and fall or electrical hazards. Once you call SERVPRO, we will have a team at your property within hours to start the initial assessment. We work fast to limit the loss as well as inhibit mold growth to avoid potential health effects. Everything is wrapped up and thoroughly sanitized and cleaned so that you can enjoy your home once again.

Do you need help with water damage repair? Call SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090, and we have crews available for emergency water cleanup and restoration.

SERVPRO Can Scope Your Diner and Remediate Smoke Damage in Most Cases.

8/18/2020 (Permalink)

"Fire" We understand the need for rapid response and restoration to minimize the loss of your business property. Call us right away we are available 24/7.

SERVPRO Can Scope Your Diner and Remediate Smoke Damage in Most Cases.

Who doesn’t love old fashion diner meals? Stockton residents sure do. From the Black Bear Diner to the Old Town Diner, you can find something to please every palate. But a kitchen fire can put everyone’s favorite restaurant out of business for an unknown period. 

 Can the Vinyl Covering on My Booths be Cleaned?

 A kitchen fire is always a risk in any eatery. Thankfully in commercial buildings, they are usually contained relatively quickly. But that doesn’t prevent smoke and soot from spreading throughout the restaurant. You have put a lot into maintaining the fun retro look of your diner, and you don’t want to give that up if you don’t have too. SERVPRO can provide fire damage services in Stockton that can leave your diner, “Like it never even happened.” In most cases, we can restore your retro booths. There are several components to these booths, including:

  •   Vinyl booth covering – Wet chemicals can be used to clean the booth seating area as vinyl resists water. Our technicians use a specialized chemical to clean this kind of surface. 
  •   Formica tabletops – Formica countertops and tabletops can be wiped off with dry cleaners and wet ones if the damage is severe enough. 
  •   Metal fixtures – wet cleaning is often recommended for metal.

Kitchen Fires are Unique

There are several types of smoke residue. When there is a kitchen fire, it usually involves food and grease, and the result is protein residue. This can be challenging to mitigate, but our technicians are trained to examine the smoke film to determine precisely what restoration steps are needed. The key is immediate fire damage mitigation. Your diner content such as your dishes, shelving, stove, and countertops get covered in soot fast. If left sit for very long, some discoloration can occur. 

If you need fire damage restoration for your business, contact SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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My Plumbing Above The Ceiling In My Stockton Home Leaked – How Do I Know How Bad the Damage Is?

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

water damage on flooring Working with plumbing between floor levels can be challenging.

SERVPRO Can Provide a Detailed Assessment of Water Damage Caused by Leaks in Your Stockton Home

The average Stockton residence loses approximately 14% of the water that comes into the home through leaks. It can add up to hundreds of dollars in water bills.  Leaks and drips can also cause hidden damage that can slowly destroy ceilings, walls, and structural components. Early mitigation is a must to prevent secondary damage from occurring.

The Plumbing is Between Floors – How is That Handled?

One of the first things our Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified technicians do on arrival is to conduct a scope of the situation. This inspection allows them to determine what has happened and what equipment and methods are necessary. When considering water restoration companies in Stockton, SERVPRO is an excellent choice when mitigating water damage.

Determining the Damage

Whenever you have plumbing between the ceiling and upper-level, water leaks can cause extensive damage. Our teams are fast to respond and provide emergency water mitigation to prevent further loss and protect non-affected areas. There are several components to the scope that can help determine the damage. This includes:
    •    Material Affected – We locate the affected material and test for moisture content with surface moisture sensors. Probing meters can determine the area of the leak. The smaller the area of water content, the less controlled demolition is needed to repair the problem.
    •    Water Migration - By examining the moisture content thoroughly, water migration is tracked. This tells us what structural components are involved, even if there is no immediate sign of water damage.
    •    Replacement Needed – The crew looks for irreparable damage. These are portions of the wall or ceiling that need replacing. Ceiling tiles are a good example. It’s typically more cost-effective to replace them.

Working with plumbing between floor levels can be challenging. SERVPRO techs have the advanced technology and experience to restore your home, “Like it never even happened.” Contact SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090 for one of the most professional water restoration companies around.

What Can I Expect from Professional Water Removal in My Stockton Retail Store?

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

water leaking out of a burst copper pipe Leaking water could cause slips and falls in your store and this could lead to more trouble for you and your store. Contact SERVPRO today.

Count on Clear Communication and Diligent Work from the Stockton SERVPRO Team When You Need Safe and Efficient Water Removal Services at Your Retail Establishment

Most everyone has experienced a minor water issue and come out the other side a little wetter but wiser. But when a supply pipe for an entire strip mall ruptures in the hallway outside of your Stockton shop, you have a severe water catastrophe on your hands. A few towels and some grunt work with a bucket and mop cannot make thousands of gallons of water disappear. You need help from a local company with scalable water removal resources.

Where Do I Even Start When My Whole Store Is Nearly Underwater?

Start by calling a reputable water removal service to facilitate water removal from your Stockton retail store. A water crisis of this severity needs professional inspection and intervention. The sooner you welcome trained and well-equipped technicians to your shop, the better for the most successful outcome. The quantity of water involved is considerable, and you need commercial-grade equipment along with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained operators. Building management or cleaning crews you regularly contract with will be overwhelmed with the damage and cannot help avert the severity of the potential long-term damage.

What Do Professionals Need to Inspect? The Water Is Everywhere And Obvious to Anyone--What Needs Assessment?

The first phase and following stages of a commercial water removal project are laid out for our IICRC-trained SERVPRO team as follows:

  • Provide for the health and safety of technicians and occupants
  • Document conditions and work procedures
  • Mitigation
  • Drying
  • Cleaning and repair

Ensuring the safety of property occupants and technicians is essential. The time we take to note the conditions and plan the project is time well spent. It holds you, your employees, and your customers safe and ensures we prepare for every contingency, removing water in all its forms wherever it migrates. Leaving any water behind exposes your store and its contents to progressive deterioration and the risk of secondary damage such as mold growth?

What Things Do Professionals Seek to Identify in a Safety Assessment?

Water, especially standing or moving water contained in your store’s space after a massive pipe rupture presents many dangers. Professionals are vigilant not only for the inconveniences and disruption water removal in your retail store can cause but also against risks that can injure individuals or are even deadly:

  • Water can cause slip, trip, and fall incidents
  • Water collected in confined spaces and hidden recesses must be removed, but the effort can be dangerous and precise planning can avert harm
  • Water increases the conductivity of electricity and can shock or even electrocute 
  • Water breaks down highly permeable materials, and that disintegration can expose biohazards such as asbestos and lead
  • Water, even if it starts as relatively clean, picks up and supports the multiplication of contaminants over time, including molds and pathogens
  • Water collects in building cavities, eventually causing a structural collapse that can cause injury and destroy contents

How Do Disaster Company Crews Control the Safety Issues Posed by Water Damage in a Commercial Space?

Our capacity to meet your retail water removal needs is scalable. As we work through the initial plan, adaptations make it move responsive to your situation. We use commercial grade water removal equipment, positioning submersible pumps at the onset. We have multiple truck-mounted extractors available, each able to lift and move 36,000 gallons of water a day. Removal also requires:

  • Scoping for trapped water with infrared imaging, moisture detectors, and moisture meters
  • Careful removal of the hidden fluids to avoid structural collapse and ensure no moisture remains, which can involve controlled demolition:
    • Holes drilled or cut in drywall or mortar joints (cinder block construction) to release fluids
    • Weep holes punched in bulging paint or wallpaper, or ceiling tiles before their removal 
    • Flood cuts made parallel to the floor and several inches above the waterline

Note: the above controlled demolition aids in effective drying as well

  • Containment of contaminated water and disposal as required by local laws
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces with EPA-registered products
  • Drying of excess moisture-containing spaces, including confined cavities, using scalable numbers of:
    • Air movers
    • Heaters
    • Dehumidifiers -- evaporative or desiccant types, or both

If the Water Removal Efforts Alters Structures, Who Can Repair the Damage?

Our construction division helps perform the controlled demolition appropriately. We also have all the skills and tools to build back damaged materials “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Stockton is ready to assist commercial customers with water removal needs fast after catastrophic events. Please call us at (209) 477-3090 to schedule a prompt assessment and plan to get your store back to business.

What Do I Do When the San Joaquin River Floods My Home?

7/21/2020 (Permalink)

"Flood" Flooding quickly causes water damage in your home. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

Call SERVPRO of Stockton For Fast and Effective Flood Damage Remediation! 

A severe storm passing through Stockton could cause significant issues for anyone who lives adjacent to the San Joaquin River. As rain falls into the river and overfills the basin, homes in the immediate area are liable to flood. Flooding can cause damage to your home, including water-based losses and mold damages. 

The best thing you can do for your Stockton home if it suffers flood damage is to immediately reach out for help. Getting help right away can mean the difference between a water cleanup, and a deeper remediation requiring days of drying time. Here at SERVPRO, we're dedicated to helping you when you need it. 

If the Area Around my Home is Experiencing Flooding, How Can You Help Me? 

Our SERVPRO techs are dedicated to arriving as quickly as possible. However, obstacles can slow us down or get in the way. Even so, our technicians can still come to your home as quickly as we can, and we can take certain measures to avoid obstacles, such as: 

  • Driving pre-packed vans, so we can go as soon as we get your call
  • Avoiding roads with heavy traffic and flooded roadways
  • Using GPS software to ensure we take the quickest and safest route to your home 

Flooding may slow us down, but we always commit to getting to your home as swiftly as possible during an emergency. 

What if a Significant Portion of the Lower Level of my Home is Flooded? 

Our SERVPRO technicians can handle water-losses large and small. If your home has a large volume of water inside, we can: 

  • Use truck-mounted extractors, to remove the floodwater as soon as possible and then drain it elsewhere
  • Use extractors to reduce moisture on fabric-based materials such as carpets, drapes, and furniture
  • Use portable submersible pumps to remove significant volumes of water from one area 

Our technicians are talented and have the foundations to approach any flood-scenario. When it comes to your home, we always strive to leave you feeling, "Like it never even happened." 

If your home needs flood remediation, get help today! Call (209) 477-3090 to speak with SERVPRO of Stockton. No matter when you need our help, we're ready. 

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How Is Water Restoration of My Stockton Home Different from Water Mitigation or Water Remediation?

7/16/2020 (Permalink)

A white room with water on the wood flooring. No matter how the water got in, SERVPRO can help you get it out. Call us today!

The Full-Spectrum of Services Offered by SERVPRO to Local Homeowners Starts at Assessment and Ends with Your Stockton Water Damage Restored “Like it never even happened.”

A water loss in your Stockton home disrupts everything. Floors are slick, walls sometimes ”sweat,” ceilings can bulge, and an unpleasant and worrisome smell takes hold over a day or two if a response is lacking. The cause can be a burst pipe, a malfunctioning appliance, a poorly caulked tub, or a neglected gutter and downspout system, among dozens of other catastrophes a home can endure. An immediate response is critical because water begins damaging structural components and contents within minutes to hours, and the harm is progressive and cumulative.

Are There Best Practices Standards for Water Restoration?

When your Stockton home needs water restoration, experts suggest hiring a firm certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC develops international standards for the mitigation, remediation, and restoration of a broad range of household disasters. Mitigation is defined as the halting of water damage. Remediation involves cleanup and attempts to bring structures and contents back to preloss condition. Restoration can include the build-back of severely damaged structures. Each of the underlying standards is based on research, proven by successful outcomes achieved by legions of trained and certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT). Our crews are among the most highly qualified water damage restorers available.

What Difference Do Our Trained Technicians Make?

One of the most frustrating aspects of water damage is the difficulty of determining where all the moisture migrated. Because of our training and experience, we know that water often appears to disappear while it has crept through cracks and crevices, and wicked into highly permeable or porous materials. The SERVPRO team realizes that unless the water is traced and tracked, damage continues to accelerate, although perhaps unseen. Eventually, some or all of the following occur if we do not locate and remove the moisture:

  • Wood framing swells, distorts, and weakens as the structure breaks down.
  • Metal supports and fasteners tarnish and fail in their original purpose.
  • Insulation packs down and loses its ability to maintain consistency in temperature.
  • Hardwood and subfloors absorb water and warp -- cupping, crowning, and even buckling (coming loose).
  • Drywall crumbles and lath and plaster breaks down.
  • Mold spores in the atmosphere or on surfaces absorb water. They then use organic surfaces (wood, drywall) as a food source and incubator for multiplication as the organisms form destructive colonies.

How Do WRT-Certified Experts Find the Moisture?

The project manager first conducts a visual inspection, looking for evidence of water incursion that can be seen with the naked eye. Bulging ceilings or peeling paint on walls signal pooled-up water and potential safety hazards if the structures collapse. “Rolling” planks or strips of hardwood flooring indicate a wet subfloor, as do displaced ceramic or other tiles. Cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom might have doors that stick or shelves that pull away because of absorbed water and the subsequent swelling. We cannot rely solely on these signs, so we also employ tools to find and quantify the hidden and trapped water:

  • Moisture detectors  
  • Moisture meters 
  • Infrared imaging 

What Helps Release Hidden Water and Dry Out Wet Building Cavities?

If the water, standing or absorbed, is challenging to reach with conventional pumps and extractors, we consider controlled demolition techniques to access the fluids. Strategies include drilled holes, removal of beadboard and paneling, or flood cuts, where wall sections are sawed parallel to the floor several inches above the waterline. We suction liquid water with extractors, using wand extensions or hoses inserted into holes to reach into recesses. When we move on to the drying phase, we direct warm dry, pushing air into the cavities to enhance evaporation so that our dehumidifiers can capture the water vapor for disposal.    

Now That My House Has Holes and Missing Walls Do I need to Hire a General Contractor?

Our construction division can manage any repairs, replacements, and rebuilding needed to complete the restoration. Streamlining all aspects of a water restoration through one licensed and certified company saves time and expense and reduces stress for you, the homeowner.

Be confident when you engage SERVPRO of Stockton for your water restoration project. We have the capacity and capability to take on everything needed from assessment through rebuilding, ensuring your home is back to preloss condition. Contact us day or night at (209) 477-3090 and receive our professional wrap-around services.

How Long Will Flood Water Cleanup Disrupt My Stockton Household?

6/30/2020 (Permalink)

flooded laundry room with washer and dryer Take precautions when facing flooding in your home. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation efforts.

SERVPRO Flood Damage Mitigation Helps Restore Your Stockton Interior Faster Than DIY Methods Alone

Unpredictable weather, flash flooding, and high winds can be detrimental to your Stockton home. If you get left with floodwaters throughout one or more rooms of your home, you need to act fast to ensure secondary damage does not take hold. SERVPRO works quickly to lessen the devastation and cost, and help you return to your routine sooner. We are available 24 hours a day with crews on standby to get the prompt action that you deserve.

What is the Recovery Time Like After Flooding?

The great thing about calling in the help of skilled technicians for assistance with flood damage in Stockton is that you get fast response and efficient results. SERVPRO features a team of IICRC-certified technicians that have been through extensive training and uses all of the latest techniques to handle any size water loss event. Our crew chief comes out to your property in as little as a few hours or less after your call to begin the assessment and planning for fast cleanup and restoration.

Why is Flood Water Considered Dangerous?

Whenever you experience a storm that results in high levels of flooding in Stockton, the water that comes into your home may contain:

  •   Mud, silt, and other debris
  •   Chemicals or fuel
  •   Fecal matter and high levels of bacteria

Homeowners have the tough decision to make whether to attempt cleanup with DIY methods or calling in the help of expert technicians. However, DIY plans alone using consumer products and equipment take longer, and you run the risk of leaving moisture and potentially harmful contaminants behind. When SERVPRO is on the job, we come equipped to handle flooding situations with an extensive selection of tools, such as:

  •   Extraction Tools & Pumps
  •   Industrial-Strength Fans & Centrifugal Air Movers
  •   Professional-Grade Dehumidification Equipment
  •   EPA-Registered Disinfectants & Cleaning Agents

The higher the humidity within the loss zone and your interior, the longer the drying times will be. We use a specialized formula that allows us to monitor the relative humidity within your home, and we adjust all of our equipment accordingly. The temperature within the space impacts the ability to extract water from materials as well as the capacity of the air to hold moisture. Our skilled technicians understand all of the best practices for manipulating both humidity levels and temperatures to create an environment that allows us to achieve our drying goals.

For any water loss event, we pay close attention to the critical factors of drying:

  •   Humidity – we must lower the humidity ratio within your home to lower vapor pressure. This allows water to evaporate more rapidly as long as the air located above the saturated materials has lower pressure.
  •   Airflow – while the water is evaporating from various materials, the air in the boundary layer above it becomes saturated and cool. Targeted airflow disrupts this boundary layer to increase the evaporation rate with warmer, drier air.
  •   Temperature – it is vital to increase material temperatures. Doing so helps increase energy within the trapped water molecules, thus increasing evaporation rates.

Will Flood Mitigation Efforts Be Safe?

SERVPRO always works carefully to ensure a safe working environment for our technicians and anyone else in the home. We take the time to look for potential hazards in and around the affected area, such as:

  •   Slip and fall hazards due to standing water on floors or subflooring that has begun to deteriorate
  •   Electrical dangers and the potential for shock due to water intrusion 
  •   Hazards overhead, including saturated ceilings that could collapse
  •   Contamination within the floodwater itself
  •   Hazards due to inadequate lighting in the flood-loss zone
  •   Safety concerns for bystanders or occupants during the mitigation and restoration process

Why is Time an Issue with Flood Damage?

The longer that water intrusion is left to dwell within your living space, the higher the chance the microbial growth sets in. Microbes are present within all water damage situations and can grow at an exponential rate given the right environment. Clean water situations can turn into gray water situations within days. With a floodwater event that includes contaminated water, the need for immediate action becomes amplified. The potential health hazards from microbes come about when they enter the human body by way of:

  •   Breathing them into your lungs
  •   Ingesting them
  •   Absorption into the skin

The longer that the floodwater is left to fester, the more the health risks increase. Our crews work fast while wearing all of the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure our safety while ensuring that contaminants do not get tracked from one zone to the next.

When you call SERVPRO of Stockton to help with flood damage after a storm, you can trust that we get to work quickly and follow best practices to ensure quality results. To have a crew deployed to your property 24/7, call us at (209) 477-3090.

What Does Water Mitigation Look Like After My Showroom Experiences Damage in Stockton?

6/18/2020 (Permalink)

store owner standing in a pool of water Don't think twice about who to call for the water damage in your Stockton business. SERVPRO is the company to keep you running.

SERVPRO Uses Restoration Industry Best Practices to Achieve Water Mitigation in Your Wet Stockton Business

You hear a lot of words and comments bandied about after your Stockton retail center experiences water loss due to a pipe break. Until you need water disaster help, there was little reason to consider what the many steps back to normal might entail from professional disaster recovery firms. At the onset of the overarching project, just after a safety assessment, efforts taken to mitigate the loss commence.

What Is Water Mitigation?

Mitigation of your Stockton water damage is a simple concept that can entail a lot of moving parts. To mitigate is to halt, so when we discuss mitigation options with you, we concentrate on strategies that stop the water damage from progressing further. In your showroom that might include some or all of the following:

  • Shutting off the main water line
  • Moving inventory to a dry space in your commercial building
  • Disconnecting equipment and raising it and hard to move inventory up on blocks
  • A full or partial pack-out of inventory and equipment

How Can SERVPRO Mitigate Damage that Cannot Be Packed or Moved?

The structure and many fixtures of your business are stuck in the middle of the water loss. Permitting the water to continue to soak into these materials promotes deterioration, the antithesis of mitigation. The answer is employing our cache of state of the art water mitigation equipment to prevent more water damage while the wet materials remain in place. Our technicians, tools, and powerful equipment remove the water and prevents spread through:

  • Erection of water baffles and barriers
  • Use of wanded extraction to limit soaking of wall to wall carpeting, followed by weighted extraction
  • Release of water from building cavities using planned cuts and holes
  • Pumping and extraction of standing water
  • Structural drying

Place your confidence in the people and equipment of SERVPRO of Stockton. Skilled mitigation followed by remediation and restoration of all types of commercial water damage is just a phone call away--(209) 477-3090.