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What Can Job Scoping Tell About Required Water Mitigation Services?

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

Stockton service truck at charity SERVPRO of Stockton takes pride in helping our neighbors with life and with water damage restoration when needed.

When your Stockton home falls victim to water disasters, it is essential to have competent professionals clean up the mess quickly.

When water damage incidents occur, many areas of your Stockton home can become threatened. From pipe bursts to degrading plumbing and appliances, thousands of residents have trusted in the fast response of our SERVPRO professionals to help. Because we have pre-stocked READY trailers and production vehicles, we can often field your initial notice of loss on our staffed emergency line and have technicians at your residence within hours.

Because there are no shortages in a choice of potential water remediation company for Stockton homes, you have to base your decision on aspects like a fast response and knowledgeable roster. With experienced technicians on our team, we can begin with emergency services as soon as we first arrive. These efforts prevent substantial losses for the house by employing several initial tactics. With an in-house General Contractor License #: 937457, as well as trained technicians, we can offer a wide range of emergency services, including:

  • Extraction
  • Debris Cleanup
  • Controlled Demolition
  • Repairs
  • Temporary Construction Solutions
  • Content Management and Inventory

What is Job Scoping? 

Before much of the mitigation begins on your water-damaged property, we must evaluate your home. This assessment determines the damages, the compromised areas of the house, and collects data for an efficient restoration plan. Some specific areas of evaluation include:

  • Extraction - Standing water is one of the worst conditions that our technicians have to address when we first reach the site. Job scoping can identify where this effort is necessary and what tool suits the situation best. 
  • Content Cleaning - Your personal belongings can be equally destroyed by water damages without our SERVPRO team's direct intervention. Scoping can showcase these conditions. We have on-site cleaning approaches as well as off-site strategies for more substantial damage. 
  • Damaged Structural ElementsIdentifying what materials have become overly compromised by water exposure can encourage a faster execution of controlled demolition to prevent greater structural losses. 
  • Pre-Existing Conditions - While looking for present damage is a focal point of job scoping, it is equally essential to determine pre-existing conditions. Focusing the work to get done on the specific harms of the water disaster saves time and money for the customer. 

How Hazardous is Standing Water?

Standing water is one of the chief concerns with considerable water damage incidents within a residence. The pooling of any kind leaves multiple surfaces and contents exposed. Depending on principles like porosity and the volume of water, saturation can begin nearly immediately. The sooner structural elements host moisture, the ability to successfully dry them becomes a more significant challenge for experienced restoration technicians.

  • Surface - Water sitting on the surface is the easiest to maintain when disasters occur. Before this pooling has the opportunity to get absorbed into the exposed materials nearby, our SERVPRO professionals can deploy extraction and water removal tools to limit saturation concerns. 
  • Free - Once the water has penetrated the finished surfaces of flooring materials or the paper backing of drywall, this moisture sits in the affected building component. Free water can get removed using advanced drying tools like drying mats or centrifugal air movers. 
  • Bound - In the final stage of absorption, trapped water chemically bonds with the molecules making up flooring or wall system materials. Once this occurs, there is no reversing the process. The only suitable solution at this point is the controlled demolition and replacement of these impacted materials. 

How Can The Insurance Company Stay Involved?

While there are situations where you might choose to absorb the costs of professional restoration rather than filing a damage claim with your insurance provider, we can help you to determine the best option. The more information that you have regarding the damages present and the layers of complexity in cleaning and drying the effects, the more you can determine whether your insurance company should get involved or not. If you file a claim, we can keep the adjuster assigned to your case informed through every phase to keep the project on the appropriate timeline and within budget caps.

A full damage assessment and evaluation of the property can provide the necessary information and data to form a restoration plan. Despite how widespread water damages can become, our SERVPRO of Stockton team can reduce overall losses with immediate mitigation steps. From extraction and potential controlled demolition to thorough drying, we can guide your property through nearly every phase of the restoration process. Give our professionals a call anytime at (209) 477-3090.

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