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SERVPRO Odor Reducing Equipment

Sometimes, when home-damage occurs, unpleasant smells accompany the damage. Fire damage causes a foul odor as it burns different materials, and that odor lingers for a long time after the flames are extinguished. Flood damage can bring unsanitary materials such as sewage into your home and bring malodors with it. Mold damage can cause an unpleasant and musty smell inside your home. Whenever these types of damages bring repulsive scents with them, SERVPRO has a solution.
Skyler, of our Stockton franchise, explains that hydroxyl generators and ozone machines are good choices to combat malodor. Hydroxyl generators use "UV light to neutralize odor molecules that are found in the air." Neutralizing the particles makes this machine an attractive choice because it takes care of the problem on a particle-level. Hydroxyl generators can handle malodor from situations like "...sewage, fire cleanups. Anything like that." Additionally, the machine is safe to use in "places that are occupied, such as building structures or offices."
On the other hand, Ozone machines are also used to combat unpleasant scents. Skyler explains that the machine "takes regular oxygen molecules, which is O2, and adds an oxygen molecule to it, making it an O3 structure." By adding an extra oxygen molecule, this machine can destabilize the basic particles of the scent. Skyler further explains that the extra oxygen molecule can attach "...itself to an odor molecule, which is neutralized as soon as the oxygen attached itself to that molecule." By neutralizing the scents on a scientific-level, this machine is competent at removing even the foulest of scents.
However, Ozone machines must be used in a vacated area, unlike the hydroxyl generator. Due to this, they are usually used overnight. When it comes to the damages inside your home that are causing an unpleasant scent, our SERVPRO technicians can apply the best solution for your home and its needs.
If water, fire, flood, or mold damage has struck your home, never wait to call for help. Get in touch with SERVPRO of Stockton by calling (209) 477-3090. Night or day, we can try to handle the situation and return your home to its preloss state.