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When Your Lincoln Valley Pet Business Needs Water Removal Services

1/8/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial When Your Lincoln Valley Pet Business Needs Water Removal Services SERVPRO Removes Water from Flooded Boarding Services in Stockton--We Love Animals

SERVPRO Loves Animals and Helps to Secure Water Damaged Boarding Locations

Animal shelters and boarding locations for pets provide a much-needed service to the Lincoln Village area. When natural disasters like flooding strike these kinds of establishments though, it is critical to get the issues resolved quickly so that the animals in the building do not have to get relocated to a new facility. While it could be tempting to try and resolve the issues with the limited staff you have, these situations should get left to professional restoration companies.

Shelters and boarding for pets both require the need to be open and available whenever people might need them, and a crisis like a significant water emergency could jeopardize that. If you find your Lincoln Valley business in need of water removal services, it is best to call as soon as you can. By calling quickly, our professional SERVPRO technicians can work to ensure that the animals you have in your care are not threatened by the present high volume of water and do not need to be relocated to another place while the restoration occurs.
All in all, our SERVPRO team works to mitigate any losses that might result from incidents like this by acting decisively and quickly to resolve the water emergency. Our professional staff assess the damages to the facility and ensure that the point of water penetration has been sealed off to prevent further pooling and that the restoration efforts are successful.
Depending on the nature of the emergency, we have several tools that can get used to extract the water from the affected area. Most commonly in flooding situations, our team uses pump trucks from our fleet to efficiently pull the water from the floors and prepare the area for drying and potential repairs that could be necessary. Our technicians work alongside your staff to ensure that our restoration efforts do not affect the flow of your business as much as possible, which can prevent profit loss from the incident while we clean up the mess. This can also add to the safety and well-being of both employees and guest animals.
We cannot help you to fix a mess that we did not know existed. If you are dealing with any manner of a water emergency, you can always call SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090.

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Flood Damages from Trees Too Close to Ortega Homes

12/14/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damages from Trees Too Close to Ortega Homes SERVPRO suggests keeping an eye on trees near your home for broken branches or dead limbs and take care of them before they damage your home.

SERVPRO Offers Flood Damage Restoration Services for Any Size Disaster

While you often think of trees as permanent fixtures in your property’s landscape, their presence can also be an impending threat to your home if they die or become damaged during a storm. Subsequent hard storms could cause the tree to lose its limbs, or fall over entirely into your home. Ortega homes are at risk for those not paying close attention to damaged trees within striking distance of their residences.

This reality, of course, does not imply that you can prevent possible flood damage to your Ortega home by removing all of the trees on your property, but it does warrant pause for inspection given what could happen when a tree decides to fall apart. If you have ever attempted to pick up a full branch of a tree on your own, you immediately remember the excessive weight and size. Now imagine the damage that a falling branch like this could do to the siding or roof of your home if it were to fall off unexpectedly.

Our SERVPRO team has seen significant storm damages which have taken down both branches and trees alike. The resulting damage is often gaping holes through the siding and walls of your home, broken windows, or holes in your roof. Any one of these conditions could allow high volumes of torrential rainfall into your house, which is often far too complicated to stop on your own.

Damage assessment is one of the preliminary steps that our SERVPRO professionals take. This assessment allows our team to map out entire restoration plans based on not only preparing your home for possible reconstruction efforts but also to get any water-damaged areas of your house restored promptly. This process is often done in conjunction with your insurance company to hasten the restoration process and keep your out-of-pocket expenses in the process to a minimum.

Tree damage is often a significant culprit to water and flood damages to homes throughout Ortega. Inspect the trees and be on the lookout for dead limbs to remove them before they remove themselves at a costly expense to your home. For help cleaning up the mess quickly and efficiently, do not hesitate to give SERVPRO of Stockton a call. We can be reached 24/7 at (209) 477-3090.

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Restoring Fire Damage To Your Stockton Property

12/7/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoring Fire Damage To Your Stockton Property Candles in Your Stockton Home Can Cause Fires and Hide Odors--Call SERVPRO for Solutions

Odor Control Is Critical for Restoration After Smoke & Fire Damage

Fires are a devastating force, and they are rarely able to be prevented entirely. The destruction they can leave in their wake might not always be the kind that forces you to relocate while serious reconstruction efforts are underway, but they almost always require professional services to restore the damages and mitigate your overall loss from the incident. After a fire to your Stockton home, what should you do next?
The first thing that you are going to want to do is assess the fire damage to your Stockton residence and see the total affected area. While this might be an overwhelming task, this is instrumental when you call our SERVPRO team of specialists to have them begin formulating a restoration plan. Pre-inspection on your part ensures that the priorities you determine for more comfortable living in the house happen first.
Depending on the size of the blaze, extinguishing efforts can leave water damage to put on top of the evident soot damages lingering foul odors. Fortunately, we at SERVPRO consider all of these central focal areas to be steps in the total restoration of fire damaged homes. We have the tools and equipment to clean your walls, floors, and contents of your home back to a preloss condition.
We have deodorizing foggers that can affect the odor molecules left lingering in the air and neutralize them completely. Deodorization happens through the introduction of a dense fog. While this fog itself is odorless, the molecules it contains pairs with the free-floating smoke molecules that are left behind and leave no scent remaining at all. The process does not mask an old smell with a new one, but instead wholly neutralizing the charring and smoke smell at a molecular level.
Water restoration efforts are another part of the SERVPRO approach if firefighting efforts have caused problems for your house as well. These issues could be pooled water in specific affected areas or a lingering dampness. Drying and removing the water is an essential part of restoring your home back to preloss conditions, as well as preventing the possibility of mold growth from lasting moisture.
While a fire in your home can be devastating, take some of the overwhelming cleanup jobs and put them into trusted hands like our SERVPRO professional technicians. You can reach us at SERVPRO of Stockton anytime at (209) 477-3090.

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Mold Damage Ortega Calls for Inspection and Remediation

12/1/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Ortega Calls for Inspection and Remediation Mold Remediation in Ortega? Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO

SERVPRO Can Remediate Mold Issues in Your Ortega Property

We do not usually associate mold with California. The sunny weather makes people think it cannot happen in a city like Ortega, but the truth is very different. As long as mold spores have a source of food and moisture, it can expand and grow in any home.

With those two factors in place and a temperature between 68 and 86 degrees, mold damage in Ortega homes can happen year-round. The food source is the building material itself; i.e., drywall, ceiling tiles, carpets, and even the wood in wall framing. The moisture source can be a tiny pool of water from a leaking roof or a loose intake hose on a dishwasher. SERVPRO has over three decades of experience in finding the origin of mold and eliminating both it and the sources that feed it.
We trace mold to its origin point using visual inspections, air content meters, and the nose of course. Many fungi give off that tell-tale musty odor which is how many people first suspect a problem. Unfortunately, it does not provide a location past which end of the house it might be.
Our best tool for finding the mold is an air content meter. With it, technicians measure various points in the home until we find the highest content and then follow it back to the highest number we can measure. Once we have that, the visual inspection begins. At times, a mold stain is visible on a wall or object, and we can start from that point with the inspection.
SERVPRO looks above ceilings and removes and checks behind floor and wall trim. If we do not see mold, then we have to look at the walls and under carpets. Once a technician finds it, he follows the growth back to the point of origin, marking locations where there is a source of water and where the mold has grown into building material, feeding on it.
When we have the point of origin, we can exterminate the mold. Technicians remove the water or moisture and if possible, repair the source of the leak. We then spray the affected surfaces with an anti-fungal agent and then remove the material that has mold growing into it.
Stopping and removing mold is not a simple task, but we can accomplish it safely and quickly. If you have or merely suspect a mold problem in your home, contact SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090 today. We are here to help.

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Deodorizing After a Flood Damage: How is it Done?

11/13/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Deodorizing After a Flood Damage: How is it Done? Fast Removal needed to Mitigate Odors and Other Damages caused by flooding.

A Hidden Adverse Effect from Flooding--Odors

Dealing with the aftermath of flood damage due to a storm can be an uphill battle for any homeowner. The flood water often seeps into the structural cavities and creates a damp atmosphere. Not only does this pose a threat to the structural integrity of your home, it usually causes an odor problem. If not appropriately deodorized, this foul smell can linger on in your Ortega home long after the flooding.
Thankfully, here at SERVPRO, we use a multi-method approach to eliminate odors after a flood damage to your Ortega property. Our IICRC certified professionals use various modern equipment to eliminate odors due to flood damage in no time. Here are some of the deodorizing techniques used to ensure elimination of odors after a flood.
Direct spraying: As the name implies, a deodorant is sprayed directly on the affected area using a pump. The method is useful if the intensity of the smell is not very high and the affected area is small.

Wet fogging: This method utilizes Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Foggers to dispense water or solvent-based deodorants. The ULV fogger generates minute particles of the chemicals that penetrate to the areas where the odor causing particles hide and change the composition of these substances.

Thermal fogging: The technique involves using heat to break up solvent-based deodorants into small particles that can reach the difficult to reach places. The deodorizing particles neutralize the odor-causing molecules right at the source. Although this method is most popular to deodorize after a smoke damage, it is sometimes used in case of flood damage as well.

Venting box fans: These are high-velocity axial fans that are used to ventilate and improve air circulation. These are used both before and after the deodorizing process. They can significantly shorten the time to deodorize and remove moisture at the same time.

Air Scrubbers: These devices are sophisticated air filters that use High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration technology. The air scrubbers can capture and eliminate odor-causing particles as small as 0.3 micrometers with an efficiency of 99.97%!

Getting rid of the stale, clammy odor can be a difficult thing to do after a flood damage. Professionals at SERVPRO can help you eliminate them in no time and get your home smelling like home again! "Like it never even happened."
Call SERVPRO of Stockton today at (209) 477 3090 to talk to one of our flood damage restoration experts and discuss your deodorizing options after a flood damage. Remember, We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

How SERVPRO's Expertise Shows In Stockton Mold Damage Remediation

11/2/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How SERVPRO's Expertise Shows In Stockton Mold Damage Remediation Once the mold has been killed the remaining dead organic matter must be attended to immediately.

Mold Damage Remediation

Many sources, both on our website and elsewhere, advise the average homeowner to leave mold undisturbed and call for help from a professional, certified mold remediation company like SERVPRO. It is not difficult to understand why those untrained and uncertified to combat mold damage could potentially hurt themselves, spread the mold even farther, or cause damage to the structure. However, we have access to multiple specialized tools and techniques for cleaning up mold damage in Stockton and surrounding areas. Here are a few ways we bring high-tech mold removal and remediation options to the table.

UV Light Treatments
You may picture the mold damage remediation in your Stockton home as a process filled with scenes of intense scrubbing, heavy sanitization, and other manual cleaning methods. However, we also have access to some high-tech and hands-free mold remediation tools. Ultraviolet light generators create UV rays - the same type of light that causes sunburn - in a concentrated area over the mold growth. With these, we can sanitize an area with no scrubbing, no chemicals, and no risk to the structure. Since their implementation in SERVPRO franchises nationwide, these machines have proven to be some of our most effective in the average mold remediation job.

Advanced Scrubbing Solutions
Once the mold has been killed off and sanitized, its dead organic matter must be attended to immediately. We have industrial-grade cleaning tools and products to thoroughly and quickly eliminate any remaining traces of mold and remove it from your home. We also have unique appendages and devices for reaching tight and high places, ensuring a thorough job throughout the area.

Spore Removal Technology
Even after the mold has been visually removed from the building, airborne spores likely still populate the home's atmosphere, potentially causing health effects and increasing risk of successive mold colonies developing. We take these spores directly out of the air, purifying it and returning your home's atmosphere to a default state.

SERVPRO of Stockton is a locally-owned provider of expert home damage mitigation and restoration services. Give us a call 24/7 at (209) 477-3090.

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Assess with SERVPRO ERP to Prevent Water Damage to Lincoln Village Stores

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Assess with SERVPRO ERP to Prevent Water Damage to Lincoln Village Stores Being prepared for a possible emergency can give you an advantage over other businesses in the area should you face damage from any source.

Help Prevent Damage to Your Store or business with Our "ERP" Assessment App

Water leaks are bad news for all Lincoln Village store owners. An unexpected leak might damage your stock or furniture, which is costly to replace, and of course, you might have to shut up shop while you deal with the incident. A closed shop does not make a profit, so it is easy to see why it is better to avoid water damage if you can.

SERVPRO understands that our retail customers are eager to prevent commercial water damage in Lincoln Village if possible. That is why we designed Emergency Ready Profile, or ERP, a free and easy to use app that helps business owners plan for disaster.

One essential component of the Emergency Ready Profile is a building assessment. We recommend using a tablet for your assessment for the best result. Treat the walk-through as seriously as you would treat any other business appointment – set aside a time for it and stick to that time.

SERVPRO provides all Emergency Ready Profile customers with a free field sheet to fill in as you walk around your store. Open the form on your tablet and fill it in as you move from place to place. There is space to enter details about your building, utility shut off points, any hazardous substances, emergency contact numbers and more.

The form also has sections for photographs of building access, elevators, stairwells and more. We suggest using a tablet to make it easy to take photographs as you go.

We also suggest taking this time to look for any potential leak risks in your building. For example, if there is damage to the roof, a dripping faucet, a leaking window frame, or an old appliance with a worn hose or pipe, take note of that. Call in a maintenance specialist as soon as you can – it is better to pay for repairs now than risk water damage.

In the event of water damage, our IICRC-certified technicians are on hand to help. We pump water from your building and extract it from floors, carpets, and soft furnishings. We dry out your premises and even help with deodorization after cleanup is complete.

For help with water damage mitigation in Ortega, Stockton, Lincoln Village and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Stockton at (209) 477-3090 today.

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Saving Your Home and Contents from Flood Damage in Ortega

10/20/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Saving Your Home and Contents from Flood Damage in Ortega SERVPRO's IICRC-certified technicians act quickly to restore your home and make it "Like it never even happened."

Allow SERVPRO to Quickly and Thoroughly Restore Your Home After Flood Damage

Flooding rarely happens in our area, but with changing weather patterns and other environmental changes, homes in Ortega may begin experiencing such problems. New construction in the area can change how water on the surface of the ground travels, also.

Homeowners in Ortega with flood damage often find that the water carries in unexpected debris such as garbage and plant matter. After pumping out the water, we remove these items and bag them for disposal. Sanitizing your home and cleaning it includes disposing of any food items that came into contact with water from the flood.

We clean all surfaces with an appropriate disinfectant. As for surfaces which absorb water, such as drywall and upholstered furniture, we gently dry these items and then clean them. After upholstery dries, brushing with a super-soft brush finishes the item so you can use it as you did before the flood event. We clean wood components of furniture pieces to prevent drying out of varnishes and spreading of general contamination.

Carpeting may, depending on the type, become so damaged that salvaging it becomes a futile task. We remove the carpeting inside flooded homes so the floors can become dry. New carpeting and padding must wait until the floors become completely dry again. Installing carpeting before attaining complete dryness can result in microbial growth, a continuation of bad odors, and an inability of the padding to adhere correctly. Padding, as a composite product, almost always fails and a replacement pad becomes necessary. We handle both carpet and pad during removal, meaning we can set up our drying machinery even sooner.

Your local SERVPRO professionals can quickly restore even the messiest flooding in your home. Fully trained with certifications from the IICRC, we know that an immediate response can help save many of your belongings, reduce the overall damage to your home, decrease the amount of work your home requires, and keep the costs involved reasonable.

SERVPRO of Stockton has your local restoration professionals, and we offer 24-hour services. You can call us at any time by dialing (209) 477-3090. We are ready whenever you need us.

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How Smoke Can Give SERVPRO Headaches In Stockton Fire Damage Cases

10/11/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How Smoke Can Give SERVPRO Headaches In Stockton Fire Damage Cases Smoke is perhaps the most challenging aspect of a fire to clean up.

Smoke Damage Challenges

Smoke is perhaps the most challenging aspect of a fire to clean up. Soot and ash can be washed away, burned materials can be restored and replaced, but the smoke of fire damage in Stockton homes typically requires very specialized equipment to eliminate.

It took us years to develop adequate technology and strategies to handle smoke damage, and to this day SERVPRO locations nationwide must stock special chemicals and machines to be ready for all types and quantities of smoke damage in a home. But why is smoke so tricky to remove?

It Gets Everywhere
Smoke is the only aspect of a damaging fire in Stockton that can travel across the home to areas never even touched by the flames. Sure, ash may scatter slightly around the home, but smoke can and may completely overpower a room located far away from any fire. This is because smoke particles are incredibly small, much smaller than a human hair or even the cells in your skin. Smoke particles can easily be picked up by minute air currents and carried around the home, eventually lodging in some surface or material.

It Does Not Come Out
Once the smoke has embedded itself somewhere, not much can work it out. Smoke particles tend to entrap themselves in a material, and cannot merely be scrubbed out or even masked by other odors. It's, for all intents and purposes, difficult to work these particles out of their positions. We can only neutralize their odor through chemical reactions with our fogging devices.

There Are Multiple Kinds Of Smoke
Wet smoke, dry smoke, oil-based smoke; these are all different types of smoke that may be separate from one another or intermixed in an unorganized pile. Different types of some require different treatments, making full removal of odors a lengthy and challenging process.

SERVPRO of Stockton is ready to help in the aftermath of a fire. If your home has taken damage from a blaze or any other disaster, give us a call at (209) 477-3090.

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Environmental Controls Explained

10/10/2017 (Permalink)


The EPA states, “Clean or dry wet spots within 48 hours.” Experts have learned that the key to mold control is moisture control.” Equipment and techniques have been developed to dry wet indoor environments in a healthy manner.   When our SERVPRO of Stockton mitigation experts arrive at a water-damaged location, we employ indoor environmental controls to achieve a safe indoor environment, particularly to achieve good air quality. The following types of equipment, engineering controls and treatments are employed to accomplish this:

HEPA air scrubbers remove 99.9% of fine particulates such as dust, pollen, dander, mold spore and others from the air. We are especially concerned about the potential for mold issues. Our goal is to make the air cleaner than it was before we arrived.

HEPA negative air machines also filter the air. The exhaust air from these machines is vented out of the work zone thus creating negative air pressure within a containment work zone (chamber). This minimizes the risk of the work zone contaminating adjacent areas.

Containment chambers are barriers constructed using plastic sheeting, zippered entries and other devices. These work chambers isolate the damage by preventing potential cross-contamination. Containment chambers also accelerate drying time, reduce noise pollution and promote safety by keeping people away from the work zone. Our goal is to always protect your health and safety.

Thermal fogging, Ozone treatment and other anti-microbial remedies: are judiciously applied to control odor, prevent bacteria and other microbial growth activity. Material Safety and Data Sheets are available upon request for these and all products used by our company.

SERVPRO of Stockton stands by, ready and able to help you with any water damage event. We are also trained, certified and highly experienced to provide remediation for any indoor environmental event that may have happened.

If you have a need or even a question, please give our local Stockton office a call at 209-477-3090.